Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Pictorial: Destruction caused by floods in Ghizer district

Gilgit: The Ghizer-Chitral road has been blocked at several locations due to recent flooding caused by excessive melting of snow in the Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan. The flooding has also damaged land and other property of the villagers. Pamir Times’ senior team member, Mr. Asghar Khan, recently visited the valley. Here are some exclusive photographs depicting the destruction caused by the floods in Dalnati, Pingal and Susat nallahs of the region.

The photographs can also be seen at Pamir Times’ Facebook Page

The local people are complaining that the government is not paying attention to their plight.

4 thoughts on “Pictorial: Destruction caused by floods in Ghizer district

  1. my allah almighty save our fellows’ lives and help them to face these situations

  2. Dears this is natural disaster it can happen anywhere no one can stop it now what about our dear pir karam ali sha sahib you can’t say that this was only for gojalees

  3. Mr Gojali this not the time to criticize some some one about a natural disaster It is the time to help our brothers, so please come forward and help them.

  4. Due to rapid development of science and technology the whole world has become a global village. The good as well as bad affects of society and individual effects at global level as well. That is why pollution, over population, ignorance, poverty and corruption have become global issues and various civilized nations and organizations are striving to reduce and eliminate these monsters at their own level and capacity. As far as Pakistan is concerned it is just like a beautiful garden and whole GB is its small orchard.
    • As human being we should realize the pain and sufferings of all human beings wherever these sufferers are whether these may be in Afghanistan, Iraq, America, Palestine or Kashmir or in our own beloved country as well.
    • At Pakistan and Muslim Ummah level we should be more conscious and alert to be a part of sufferer by showing grievances or happiness through integration regardless of cast colour and religion.
    • In Gb context we need to be more careful and conscious and need to be bridging and tailoring amongst GBIANs regardless of regional, party and sect affiliations. Of course we might have difference of opinions on any issues and this should be considered diversity and should take it as opportunity. We regard and applause those individuals and organizations who are working for the integration and development of GB( Ghizer, Gilgit, Diamer, Baltistan ,Astore and Hunza _Nagar)
    • The disaster hit people are GBIANS whether those are in Hoto Baltistan or Atta Abad hunza or Dulnaty, Damas , Sosut Gupis Ghizer etc. Our writers need to be more supportive to reduce the pain of one another. Otherwise the practical steps need to be taken to sensitize the community for collective action or fund generation.
    • Yesterday I also got opportunity to visit the disaster hit villages of district Ghizer dalnaty, Damas and Sosut.The condition of Ghizer road and many villages is vulnerable at many sites and not taking proactive measures can be result of huge disaster. All leadership, Management and service providing agencies needs to be on one page and need to develop long term and short term strategic plans to overcome these emerging issues.


    1. To form district level body to indicate immediate risks and develop plans for mitigation and reduction of disaster. People from civil society, political leadership, DDMA, District administration and all service providing agencies needs to sit frequently until and unless these issues are not address.
    2. Specific Fund allocation for districts: According to context an emergency fund should available with political leaders or district disaster management. This can be monitored through district body.
    3. Provision of food and strengthening utility stores or depots: Certain cluster needs to be set up to overcome such emergency as if road blocks there should be stock at least two to three months stock in certain clusters. Various tasks can be delegated to service providing agencies in this era.
    4. Chinese needs to be construct small RCC bridges at various places on streams of Ghizer.
    5. It is also noticed that people are not discourage to build houses near the river. The district administration needs to take serious actions on building houses on the bank of river and capturing the land illegally.
    6. It was also noticed that in Damas Punial a protective wall of 45 lac has been constructed but due to its low quality and sub standard material it collapsed. Same situation is with many projects that is why a district level corruption free monitoring body should ensure the utilization of available resources.

    These steps can be taken at all district level according to their contextual need. The ultimate objectives of these suggestions are to make GB a risk reduction zone.

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