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Massacre near Nanga Parbat: Victims have been identified

Members of the expedition  that came under attack
Members of the expedition that came under attack

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Islamabad: Sources at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) have revealed identities of the foreigners killed in a terrorist attack near the West Face of Nanga Parbat mountain, in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan. The victims have been identified as citizens of Ukraine, China, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Nepal.

According to PIMS sources, Sona Sharpa, one of the victims, hails from Nepal. Hong Luchin has been identified as an American of Chinese descent. One of the victims has been identified as Ernestas, a citizen of Lithuania.

Others include Yang Chin Han and Hu Jian, from the Peoples Republic of China, Peter Sperka and Anton Dobes from Slovakia, and Igor Svergun, Bodavi Koshaev and Dmitry Konyaev from Ukraine.

Photographs of some of the victims have been collected from different websites and posted below.


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  1. Good evening, my uncle died there. He was my real montane inspiration. Therefore, when rationalising the context without emotions, the questions are:
    1. Who is training Jundullah?
    2. Who is financing Jundullah?
    3. If it was Taliban (as presented by media), how could these cave men know that there was an American of Chinese descent within the Ukrainian expedition (there was not any!)?
    4. The conditions there are very rough. That men must have been well organized. So, how could that kind of a killing group be able to wear local official uniforms and be equipped with AK47?
    Greetings of SORROW from Europe!

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