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Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat lifts ban on trekking in Baltoro, Gondogoro-La, Hushe

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Islamabad: Efforts of the tour operators have yielded fruit and the Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat has finally issued a notification lifting the ban imposed on trekking in the Baltoro, Gandoro-La, Hushe, range.

The ban had created difficulties for the tour operators and tourists who wanted to visit the region.

While lifting the ban, trekking in this particular region has been conditioned to approval from “defense agencies”. The notification also says that the tourists who come to trek in the region will have to be accompanied by a Defense Liaison Officer.


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  1. Please don’t post wrong information unless it verify from ( PATO) association. Still in process.

  2. The notification is just a jock with the people GB whose only viable economy is tourism. Our security agencies intentionally try to destroy tourism industry as they not happy with the economic development of the region. They fear that if people are economically sound and get education, they will fight for their rights. So it is conspiracy and the leadership of nadan area lack vision and power to fight against such conspiracies.

  3. please remove this add from site until final news comes to you. Be part of patriotic GB . they took away your bread & butter already didn’t you understand last 65 years?
    Thanks for understanding…

  4. there seems to be a spelling mistake in the notification, instead of word detained they have used detailed, just see the level of our public servants——– Who will bear the cost of boarding and lodging of Defense liaison Officer???? if this is absorbed by tours company/agents then this is going to increase their cost of tour and expeditions, result will be discouraging.

  5. Notification is a jock with the tourism industry. Most of the local people have depended through tourism to feed their family and education. its to late to open the area. Still I can’t understand why? and now Liaison officer?

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