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Ghizar youth briefed about scholarship opportunities

Noor Akbar

Singul, Punial, July 23: Ghizar Youth Congress (GYC) and Middle Punial Youth and Professionals Association (MPYPA) conducted a session on scholarships offered in USA and all over the world for students at different levels, on July 23, 2013 at a local hotel here in Singul, Punial.

Najib Ullah Naveed, a graduate of Madison College, USA and representative of Aurora Initiative towards a gender equal society briefed about different categories of scholarships provided by government and private sector in USA and other countries of the world.

More than thirty students of Ghizar District, pursuing different their professional career in different universities and colleges of the country attended the session. Teachers and lecturers teaching at different private and government colleges in Ghizar also participated in the session.

Mr Najibullah also conducted a session on gender equality on behalf of the Aurora Initiative for a gender equal society.

It was urged that male and female both constitute our society. women empowerment is a prerequisite for a healthy and developed society.

Both sessions were followed by question answer sessions making the session full of insights and informative.

The participants appreciated the efforts of GYC and MPYPA in working for the development of youth of Ghizar and pledged their full support in its mission towards a vibrant, informed and healthy society.

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One Comment

  1. Excellent youth! Please keep it up and extend it at GB level with coordination and collaboration of other youth organizations and play your role to make GB a well educated and civilized province of Pakistan.
    Think about Diamer as well as it does the most deserve and potential site for working on Gender sensitization and enhancing female literacy rate as well. Here the educational analysis Ghizer and Diamer is shared for interest of Pamir readers and all concern to education and development of GB. District Population Boys Students Girls Students Total

    1. Ghizer 1,70,196 22992 19687 42673

    2. Diamer 1,89,603 19523 3394 22917

    This comparison shows that how much gap is there between male and female education.
    All concerns of GB development need to address such types of issues equity and equality bases. However work for high flyers as well as for deserving students of Ghizer and GB.

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