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Pictorial – The beautiful Broghil Valley of Chitral

Waheed Anwar, a freelance photographer, recently visited the beautiful Broghil valley, located in Chitral district of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.  He has shared with us what he saw in that remote region, close to the Pak-Afghan border. While the Broghil area is beautiful, life for the people calling it home is really difficult. Lack of health and educational facilities, as well as limited options for agriculture, make life really hard for the inhabitants. Opium addiction is also a widespread phenomena, which has destroyed the lives of dozens of families.

Nevertheless, the people are hospitable, peaceful and very accommodating. We hope you will enjoy the photographs of the beauty that Broghil is 🙂

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  1. Love your beauty; it’s the Paradise in the earth. Everything here in this scene attract me very much..

  2. awesome… what a beauty… you showed us two seasons with in a season…summer and winter…:) great clicks.

  3. Bo shele jaga la malgere. Brogolo khoshetam, awa zarur bogorl e visit kom ta shele safan sar zayad wa, hardien reman,,,Ma gech rost hone wa hardi khon hoy hash shehle jagho poshe,..

  4. Good job Anwar to share those pictures here,i have been to this place and if any one have a chance to go to this place dont miss it this is such a beautiful place in the north of Pakistan.We need to advertise this place to promote tourism in that remote area.Few tour operators have done some work in this area specially when they when they first time to this place.If i am not wrong now there is a jeepable road to reach this area.




  5. The eye of camera and a poet is very different. Camera looks the beauty of land, lake and mountains. But a poet and a writer look the inner feeling of people who live on this beautiful land with crying for the basic need of their surviving. 100% Wakhi people migrated from Wakhan corridor are still hundred years far behind from the rest of the world. Being a part of KPK of Pakistan the vulnerable and poor condition of people refracts that how far the poor governments of KPK left Brughil and entire Chitral still in the period of cave. This is really a shamble for this so called Islamic country and the muslims of Chitral who kept mum to say nothing about their poor conditions. This is really sad for both either for the poor people or the cruel government. This is my request from all the Chitralies raise their voice and make conscious the criminal government to concentrate the area particularly Brughil.

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