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BJP President wants India to access “Central Asia through Gilgit-Baltistan”

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Washington, DC: On a five-day visit to the US, BJP president Rajnath Singh has raked up the issue of human rights violations and oppression of the people of Gilgit Baltistan in the illegally occupied parts of Jammu and Kashmir. “India and Afghanistan have traditionally been tied together by the Silk Route. If India does not share a land border of 106 kms with Afghanistan today, it is because of Pakistan’s illegal occupation of this historical part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir since 1948,” Rajnath Singh said in a keynote address at a conference on Afghanistan held at the Capitol Hill.

“The Northern Regions of Gilgit and Baltistan, whose people are subjected to massive oppression and human rights violations today, are a gateway for India to Central Asia with which we have had millennia-old relations. India should get rightful access to Central Asia through the Gilgit-Baltistan region, with connectivity being established between Kargil in India and Skardu in Gilgit,” Singh said.

The conference was jointly organized by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies; US India Political Action Committee and American Foreign Policy Council.

The organizers had also invited Senge Sering, president of Institute of Gilgit Baltistan Studies, a Washington-based think-tank to the conference.

In his speech, Sering said of late China has been making undue inroads inside Gilgit Baltistan, claiming that thousands of Chinese workers and security personnel have entered the disputed region endangering the well-being of locals and placing an extra burden on resources.


16 thoughts on “BJP President wants India to access “Central Asia through Gilgit-Baltistan”

  1. It is nothing but a naked manifestation of the expansionist and colonial aspirations of the haters who are proponent of Hindutva and want to expel Muslims from India.

    A satanic dream which even their dad’s will not be able to materialize!

  2. The long term solution is to turn this area into a free trade zone, under Pakistan’s overall control but with soft borders in all directions. India and Pakistan can both prosper and live in peace through inclusive politics, and creating win-win solutions. Giving transit facilities to India is a sensible idea and a long standing demand of our Central Asian neighbors too.

  3. i fully agree with Izhar. Instead of ending up with becoming hapless pawns in the murderous wars of state and non-state actors, GB should be a zone of cooperation, free trade and development connecting world’s largest economies.

  4. Senge Sireng would be happy to welcome Indians in GB, but he consider Chinese as a burden. Double standards are getting exposed with each passing day. Those working for the Indians and the Americans are being known, thanks to the social media. These people have no sympathy, whatsoever, with Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Senge being an American citizen is loyal to the USA, not Gilgit-Baltistan.

    1. Senge sering is the son Gilgit-Baltistan and we are proud of him for his struggle for the right of people of GB. Salute to him

  5. government of Pakistan should give this region full autonomy over its naturally resources and transfer all powers to legislative assembly of Gilgit Baltistan. we don,t want other actors come to our region any use our territory for their own causes and Pakistan should take a steps to transfer powers to indigenous people.

  6. In the light of our past history and many personal discussions with a number of local educated gentlemen, I am obliged to say that : Indians are having very negative intentions to play aroud by using our internal rifts and misunderstandings. So at the moment, it will be very unwise for any such dealings… Instead Pakistan must do its best to process such matters with China and Russia ASAP.

  7. PUNJABIES excluded Bangalies, Muhajirs, Balochies and giligties to be part of Pakistan.
    now GB needs its self governance power. its good India is putting pressure on Pakistan on the issue of GB. the rights of the people of GB could be highlighted on International level.

  8. I agree with Mr. Izhar Hunzai about trade activities in the region and soft border notion (sooner or later borders are going to be more porous, right now, at least we can observe on virtual scale).

    It won’t be possible, until India and Pakistan both de-militarize the zone, as almost one million soldiers are stationed across the border, environmentally degrading the Siachen Glacier and its vicinity areas….

    One sided demand to get access won’t be possible, until India, Pakistan and potentially Chinese involvement to create an economic hub for mutual benefit for all.

    India’s potential role as a regional economic player will be in need to access Central Asian markets vis-a-vis to mitigate energy demands with smooth supply of oil/ gas from Central Asian neighbors…..China has its own historic ties with princely states neighboring Xingiang province (one cannot detach its historic roots over night), fearing or complaining Chinese involvement may not be a realistic or rational approach in political analysis or setting an agenda point…..

    To set a better pay off, a collective step can ease the problem.

    Bordering societies (J&K, G-B, Xingiang, Autonomous Gorno-Bakhshan, Badakhshan part of Aghanistan) can create its own consortium for trade and transit activities….More or less, all these bordering societies have much to offer in common.

  9. Agree with Izhar Hunzai but the irony is that our establishment still thinks oppression, sectarian, ethnic and regional divides are the only tools to consolidate their hold even after 65 years of failed efforts. Neighbors are a reality and India should take up this matter with Pakistan through China instead of allying with far away US.

  10. Sering you must have some kind of mental disease. You have no dea of what you talking about. GB has had its historic links with China and they are centuries old. China’s gradient and fast economic growth and the expansion of its economic empire is integral to the GB’s future. Thousands of Chinese workers and [ security personnel??] have not endangered the well-being of locals in GB and they have rather been resourceful for the people of GB. What has endangered the well being of people of GB is the Indian soap opera channels [Can’t eveb imagine presence of Indians there, they would suck the last drop of blood from every GBian]. Seems like the Indians have been buying you lunch to talk against China or may be they gave you a job on one of their gas stations around DC.

  11. I think, GB will remain and was always at the political, economical and strategic cross-road. As first step, I think Pakistan should grant the due constitutional rights to the people of GB to exerciser their due rights and play their role either as a province or another set-up in Pakistan their home land.. Secondly the boarder of GB to different country can be used an opportunity for trade, learning and assistant rather a constraints. I believe the young generation on either side of boarder of Pakistan, China, India, and Afghanistan are looking for to use these boarder an opportunity for promotion of hope and peace. We can not stand against the will of people and need to the time. I sincerely believe that the one sided act of India, Pakistan or any other actor to use, dominate or cross over without the participation and will of the local people will have devastating counter effect on humanity and the interest of the bordering countries.

  12. Even if people want to make it a free zone for trade, there is no surety as to whether the governments would serve the interests of the people. I hope they do not play their dirty political game on the land.

  13. I am for cross border/s transit facility… what is the rationale behind building bridges,road networks and fostering partnership for trade and development!

  14. We all know that world has become a global village and media and technology has lessen the distances amongst countries and continents. War, disintegration, oppression and terrorism are condemned and discouraged at every platform. That is why countries have started to synergies their resources and efforts to bring peace and tranquility at global level. Like wise India is our neighbor country and it is just like the house of our another brother as in 1947 the family division was made between two brothers. This is the need of hour if these two brothers would live peace fully they can make progress in all fields. Both should avoid inciting against one another. The material that creates abhorrence and disintegration between these two countries need to be eliminated and banned. All the ASIAN and SARC countries need to learn the lesson from Europe union as they have opened their doors for other countries and becoming stable in economy. They are also financially helping the developing countries as well through their good strategy and approaches and initiatives. Unfortunately our neighbor countries are engaged to blaming one another. As India was fully holding responsible to Pakistan in Mumbay attacks while it was revealed that this was internal conspiracy against Indian state. All should avoid such allegations.
    As far as GB is concern our ancestor GBIANS have affiliated this area with Pakistan and no any country does not privilege to with draw this decision or denied from this fact. It is our internal issue that we have not constitutional rights in Senate and national Assembly. Really this issue challenges the political leadership and ruling government as well that why so far it has not taken serious. It seems to me that now the awareness level of GBIAN has tremendously enhanced and no more they wait for their rights.
    Today Minister of GB was announcing and wishing for university and cardiology centre at GB. I would say the respected minister needs to work more with all political leadership and management of GB and Pakistan on getting constitutional rights to GBIANS.

    The Gbians also welcome those well wisher countries for GB and Pakistan and international organizations to work in the area without harming their values and norms and without challenging their culture and routines. So far many western countries have played their role in GB development for that they are obliged to them. Last many centuries Gb has close relations with China as well as our country and practically they have lost their lives for GBIANS and Pakistan in building KKH. It is well said by researchers and writers that KKH and AKDN with the collaboration of Govt. Institution has marvelously changed the GB scenario especially in social aspect it has brought revolution.

    The GBIANS are progressive and receptive mind but do not compromise on their integrity and sovereignty

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