Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

CM approves 100% raise in basic salaries of Gilgit-Baltistan Secretariat officers

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, August 5: The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, has reportedly approved a pay incentive for the staff of GB Secretariat, according to which Office Management Services staff  of BPS 17 and above will get 100 percent raise in their running basic pay.

Sources privy to the decision informed our correspondent in Gilgit that the summary has been sent to the office of GB Governor, Syed Pir Karam Ali Shah, for final approval. The source told Pamir Times that the incentive was being availed already by APUG staff, since 2010. A similar pay incentive had reportedly been approved for officers of District Management Services, recently.

Notification of the incentive will, reportedly, be released after final approval from the Governor’s office.

4 thoughts on “CM approves 100% raise in basic salaries of Gilgit-Baltistan Secretariat officers

  1. Good step towards staff welfare and caring. At the same time the following questions are also needed answerable:

    1. What about lower staff?
    2. What main source of compensation was explored, whether cost of Govt offices and ministries was reduced or federal govt granted additional grant to compensate this amount, or local available resources were utilized or revenue or income of Gb was enhanced or other donor was attracted. Please clarify it.
    3. It was noticed that all local employees have been kept deprived by 25% local allowance. Why these are not compensated.
    4. It was also noticed that various govt employees were appointed through utilizing development fund of Gb ? Was it true? If yes then by when development of GB should considered.
    5. In winter it was noticed that not having heating system due to lack of resources the officials of secretariat were on the road, was this result of misallocation of funds or not having budget provision.
    6. Patients were started to charge in the hospitals to compensate the financial resources if Govt. has too much fund why patients are made financially suffered.
    7. In each and every office there is large hue and cry of not having proper funds as in our village all water reservoirs are filled with soil and nobody is there to evacuate this soil while hundreds of staff are getting salaries against the service delivery to public but it is happening hardly 50%. It is said estimates are ready but implementation is not happening and people are using polluted water that has been declared fatal for animals as well.
    8. What specific mechanism has been developed to ensure the out put of these staff while hardly office routines are not properly followed as well. i.e no body ensure that all staff are on duty or in offices for 8 hours from 8 o clock in the morning to 4 o clock in the evening.
    9. Whether such types of decisions are made in house or individually? We would recommend ensuring involvement of whole house as well to make such decisions durable and sustainable as people are changed but systems remain functional.
    A transparent and well organized system can only relieve the public and staff as well for that all we need to reflect on our own actions and responsibilities.

  2. By the way can we have a matrix showing number of officers in different scale/grade and other support and auxiliary staff for GB ? department wise numbers will help understand human capital base in GB government.

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