Vacancy at Agribusiness Support Fund, Gilgit

Value Chain Leader –

Agribusiness Support Fund, The Agribusiness Project

Posted :06 August, 2013

  • Job Location: Gilgit
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Positions: 1
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Department / Job Category: Community, Social Services, and Nonprofit
  • Last Date: 16 August, 2013


Job Description:

  1. Design and implement the specific value chain strategy and activities, under the direction and supervision of the Value Chain Director
  2. Establish work plans and timelines for implementation with consistent follow up
  3. Set quantitative result targets that reflect adequate economic returns (i.e. income and employment) to project and stakeholder investment
  4. Regularly collect and report disaggregated data related to his/her sector for documenting the outputs/outcomes/impact of the program interventions
  5. Select and manage an adequate and diversified staff to achieve objectives and targets
  6. Establish and maintain relationships with the  private and public sector necessary for successfully realizing objectives
  7. Identify, establish and maintain linkages at both forward and backward levels of value chain
  8. Identify and program interventions for TAP support assistance in the areas indicated in Numeral 1, above (Description)
  9. Collaborate in the information gathering requirements as indicated by the M&E Department
  10. Prepare presentations for scheduled meetings with other VCLs and management personnel for program review and analysis
  11.  Maintain high ethical standards at all times, avoiding any actual or perceived conflicts of interests.
  12. Abide by local laws and USAID regulations
  13. Respond to requests of the Value Chain Director

Experience & Qualifications:

  1. M.Sc., M.A. or higher in relevant technical field, business, management or economics
  2. In-depth technical familiarity with one of  Potato Seed Value Chain at production, post-harvest and marketing levels
  3. Experience interfacing with private sector at various levels in the value chain
  4. Strong management skills as demonstrated by successful team leader or director experience – three year minimum
  5. Management experience of a multi-specialist staff – three year minimum
  6. Experience in implementation of USAID projects, including work plan design and implementation, budgeting, management for results and familiarity with M&E requirements and reporting – three year minimum
  7. Demonstrated capacity as a creative, flexible and dynamic achiever
  8. Experience developing farmer-level organizations
  9. Good knowledge of oral and written English; knowledge of local language will be a plus.
  10. Excellent interpersonal skills at multiple levels (e.g. farmers to exporters)

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