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Diamer: Several dozens rounded up in search operation, officials claim

Image source: DPAP Website
Image source: DPAP Website

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Gilgit, August 12: Pakistan Army’s search operation in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan continued on Tuesday as troops were reportedly also deployed in Darel Valley and Thore Valley. The search operation is also being supported by the Jawans of GB Scout and Frontier Constabulary, police sources informed the media.

 DIG Ali Sher has reportedly told the media that more than a 100 people have been rounded up from different parts of Chilas town and surrounding areas during the two days of search operation.

The operation was launched after the murder of two officials of the Pakistan Army and a senior official of the GB Police a couple of days back in Chilas, the District headquarters of Diamer. The attack had been claimed by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in a phone call to BBC, as reported on its website.

Police officials have told the media that the local community is completely cooperating with the Army during the search operation.

The arrested people are being investigated.

DIG Ali Sher has been quoted as saying that the security forces had intercepted a phone conversation which has given important leads to the investigators. He has also said that the people involved in the murder of the officials have been identified and targeted operations are being carried out to arrest them.

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  1. Chilas has been used by miscreants to carry out barbaric acts against Shias and tourists, due to which this area is now viewed as inhibited by people with extreme religious and social values. However, current reports of cooperation by people of that area with Pak Army during its search operations is encouraging. This means that local people still have some sense of duty toward the state. Govt and Army should capitalize on this cooperation and completely route out militancy from this area. Similarly, information campaigns should be launched to educate the people that they should respect the right to live of other Muslim sects as well. Such long term steps will go a long way in ensuring a lasting peace in GB

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