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[Documentary] The Hunza Story is coming soon

HUnza story

Arsal Shifa, a young traveler, a beginner photographer and a bored student on vacations is out on a trip to explore the culture, the sights and people of the famous, Hunza.
This travel log shows the land from the travelers perspective and how he deciphers the different cultural norms and ethics and how he meets locals and gains knowledge about the lands.


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  1. Just like the movie comes to gather in the edit, the impressive visuals come together with hard work, and only creative minds can make this possible by the way Arsal Shafa is the young film maker and director of this project and Afaq Baig is protagonist. I was surprise seeing the comments from film directors on his vimeo page and website. It’s just a week back he uploaded Teaser ”Hunza Story” on vimeo and feedback is just amazing…
    This is a tremendous job done by two hunza guys.i believe this documentary will bring tourists from different nationals and also it will show a better image of Pakistan. hats off to director.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME. you never cease to amaze me kind Arsal Shafa. your works are my inspiration. πŸ™‚

    Brilliant photography, it’s a little different and that’s why I like it so much. I can see how much you’ve grown as a film maker.
    Simply amazing. when I see something like this it comes alive for me. It forms into real emotion. Thats why I love your videos.

  3. Arslan Shifa is the Director of the documentary/story and Afaq Baig (my self ) is the protagonist ( main charachter) of the story …. the article is a little misleading at the start …. but thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Dear…Afaq… I appreciate your good effort depicting the culture, tradition and true picture of Hunza and Hunza people. Very good, the music in the start does not match the real music of Hunza.. it seems like a Pushto inspiration.

    Please do a little more research about Hunza and then release otherwise this would not accurately show Hunza picture..

    Good luck

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