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Hunza: Verdict of Police Station torching case is out, 10 years imprisonment for each convict

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Gilgit, September 16: At least three people, including Shams Uddin, Riaz Karim and Muhammad Ali, have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, each, for being involved in torching of the Police Station and damaging government property in Aliabad and Gulmit, in Hunza subdivision.

According to details, an Anti-Terrorist Court in Gilgit sentenced each one of them to ten years in prison. Two people, Sabir and Iqbal, were reported to be absconders in the same case. On arrest they will also get 10 years in prison.

The convicts were represented by Advocate Haq Nawaz, while the state was represented by the Public Prosecutor.

DSP Babar (now SSP) can be sitting hitting the protesting IDPs with a stick. Later fire was opened on them leading to the death of two people, shown in the in-set
DSP Babar (now SSP) can be sitting hitting the protesting IDPs with a stick. Later fire was opened on them leading to the death of two people, shown in the in-set

In August 2011, a large mob, enraged by the police shooting of two protesting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), in Aliabad, had attacked police station in Gulmit and Aliabad and torched parts of it. The police had shot dead two unarmed IDPs, displaced from Shishkat village of Gojal due to the damming of Hunza river, while they were peacefully protesting to get compensation for the loss of property.

The brutal daylight murder of the IDPs, father and son, had sparked a wave of protest across the region, with thousands of people coming on the roads to condemn the heinous act of the police and seek justice for the murdered IDPs. Protest demonstrations were held in all parts of Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Ghizer and also Chilas.

Violent protests had erupted in Aliabad and several government offices were torched and official roughed up, as the anger boiled over. Mob attacked the Police Station in Gulmit and Aliabad on that day and put part of it on fire. Cases were consequently registered against dozens of people, mostly youth, under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Later, a Judicial Commission was formed to investigate the shooting of the IDPs but nothing is known of the findings of the commission’s report. It is believed that powerful government personalities have successfully been able to push the Commission’s report under the carpet, to save their necks, or that of their near and dear ones. The DSP, who allegedly ordered firing on the protesters, was promoted to the rank of SSP.

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  1. what about the cops who shot the IDPs? what did they get? and how unfair is it that these youth get 10 years for torching a building…is that worth more than human life???? they will never survive 10 years in jail…its sheer murder.

  2. this is totally unfair and this is state oppression against minorities, i remember an IGP was killed in Nagar, army officers are being killed in day light, innocent Tourists are killed, how about those culprits, the real terrorists are with free hand and above law.
    only the innocent and voiceless people are executed in Pakistan.
    there is no fair justice system in Pakistan.
    Wait and see this country will be more worse then Libya, Iraq and Syria.
    only God can save innocent people, wish The British could overtake this country again at least there will be fair justice system. and people can live without fear and oppression.

  3. This is murder of justice, by any standards of the word. It seems that the anti-terrorism laws are being used to terrorize the people, and to suppress their voices. It appears that the Court expected the public to sit and see their near and dears ones being killed by goons guised as policemen.

    If there’s anything called justice in this dark land, then the Courts should also take notice of the murder of IDPs and execute those who triggered all this violence by shooting harmless protesters.

    The people of Gilgit-Baltistan should realize that they will be slaughtered with the knife of “justice”, if they do not rise for their political rights.

  4. What about firing at IDPs? Its awful that policemen have been promoted. Actually, this was the failure of the elected representative who did not show his interest for Hunza instead he showed his loyalty with PPP. PPP broke Pakistan in 1971. It broke State of Hunza in 1974 and the existing speaker, it is said, was one of the leading rebels that time. Non local people are jealous of development of Hunza and want it unstable. The case of IDPs can be opened in the new government of PMLN.

  5. totally brutal act against innocent people because failure of state. there is no rule of law in Pakistan. l

  6. Smart and voiceless people of Hunza, this will go on if so called public representatives are not put aside, and real new leadership with political training, good education will not come forward to fill the political gape in Hunza. Political process and training has been discouraged and somehow crushed in Hunza, by two sides of the political and socia game players, in the past just to secure the center of power for themselves. So it is time now, to look for real new leadership and it is not a rocket science, people are educated enough now to sew through active candidates of the time or do the headhunting for a real Ayashum Ayasho, we are good at it in the past and hope we will find one in our times, and encourage political activism in a sensible ways, we hope we will be there soon.

  7. It Happens again and again, Until we are not united for Hunza Region, rather then that, we are Brusho, we are Gojali or we are shinaki, what we are, I think we are not Humans, we are buffalos and our leaders are shepards, what they want they do with striking shepard stick on our ass, and we say again my lord its for your sake

  8. Unbelievably unfair, injustice and discouraging decision by the court and very unfortunate factor in all these matter is that it is a politically engineered verdict. It is not very much surprising that the Chief Judge Mr. Wazeer Shakeel of this court was the Law Minister of this mafia who himself accepted the failure of the GB government during the incident and after laps of three years a preplanned drama has been materialized in the name of court decision to hide their complete failure.I agree with Didar Ali that law is different for Hunza people.The enmity of PPP with Hunza valley is now very much on surface and it is time to be unite and work for a united Hunza to fight for our right.

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