[Video] Gulmit Premier League by The North Wind Films Hunza

The Gulmit Premier League is a prominent and widespread football tournament played in Gulmit, a village located in Gojal-Hunza. The Tournament started in the summers of 2013 and was organized by GYSC ( Gulmit Young Star Club) and other compatriots and it will take place every year in the summers where people of the village, majority of them students, will gather and participate in the competition. It’s not just a contest between teams from different regions but it is a positive footstep for the community and individuals who study in different parts of the country and even abroad, who gather every year for the celebratory of elation, bliss and tranquillity of the village.

This video is a shorted music documentary visualized for the acknowledgment of the initiative taken in order to upsurge unity, harmony, sportsmanship and peace amongst the people of Gulmit, Hunza.
Description by : Kabir Ayub

GPL Waka Waka from The North Wind Films on Vimeo.

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