Residents of Kalash Valley demand opening of roads

Locals addressing a press conference in Chitral
Locals addressing a press conference in Chitral

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, November 7: Residents of the Kalash Valley have threatened to start mass protests if a road leading to their region was not opened by 9th of November, tomorrow.

Addressing a press conference here a group of the valley’s residents, including Muslims and Kalashas, said that the Kalash valley is being ignored despite of its touristic potential and global importance.

They said that a deadline provided earlier has been extended till the 9th of November afert which the residents with protest on the roads.

They demanded of the chief minister KPK to open the kalash valley road, complete the blacktopping and widen the Bumborat road. They also demanded handing over of Shekhanandeh road to C &W department, to boost tourism in the region. Present at the conference were Abdul Majeed Qureshi, Rafi Advocate, Nabaig Kalash advocate and Zahid Alam, among others.

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