[Poem] Jewels of Mount Hunza

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Dr. Nadir Shah 

Clan of royals, folks of common and creeds of all!
Khizar Abad to Khunjerab, Garden of Eden, our dream land


King of kings in K2, the strategic wisdom of great Nazeem Khan
Tamed the gang of Quratangs, bestowed estates for motherland


Ubiquitous elite, mentor of integrity and grandeur of Hunza
Mir Jamal, the ambassador at large, a custodian of the fairyland


Predecessor of the royal dynasty, the only living legend in the North
Shah Khan, the great hero of Gilgit-Baltistan, the emancipator of North land


Shah Salim Khan the great ascetic, preached out a divine creed
The warrior Ghazanfar I, horror to evil and godsend to dear land


You the blood of royals, repute of saints, and a class of elites!
Salman Ali, the leading general of the soil and the son of Hunza land


Down casting the mighty Everest, hoisting up the flag of green
Ashraf Aman the legend of destiny, the first icon of the Pak land


Nazir Sabir, the conqueror of all peaks and you the snow leopard
Thy brother’s soul rejoicing in crevices, and jesting from ice land


Hats off to you, the glory of Kanjut, elegant daughter of Herbar
Samina Baig, the ultimate jewel in the crown, bravo Mirza Ali of the gold land


A custodian of the divine virtue, the torch bearer in distant hills
Fida Ali second to none, the bridge of faiths in our land


The minaret of knowledge, pride of Aliabad and hope of inspiration
Hashmatullah, the mass educator and the pioneer of our sky land


The flag carrier, prestigious soldier, all time sword of honor
Mir Baz, the Piffer, you insignia of dignity for father land

Eminence of a clan, the cream of the hamlet, as you dreamed of
Qalandar Shah, no match in wisdom, and a visionary of snow land

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