The menace of drugs

Hassan Ishaq

We have heard all about how is the drug used to crush a society and the future of a new generation. we are pitched against an amorphous faceless enemy, while the conventional threat has also grown manifold.

Hunza Valley is famous all around the world not only for its beautiful landscape, rather than that the people of Hunza are generous, hospitable, peaceful and polite. The people of Hunza also have an educational mindset, their vision and tendency is totally toward a peaceful society and education. But there are some faceless drug mafias, who are acting like a virus to destroy the society by their harmful activities.

Sultan Ishaq
Hassan Ishaq

The drug mafia is supported by some masterminds, who don’t like to see our area at such a prominent level of development. So they are struggling to change the tendency and vision of this area’s people by imposing the abuse of drug in our society. For this purpose they try to impose the drugs on teenagers and uneducated persons, because they become their victim easily. Unfortunately some of our youth and unaware persons have followed the mafia, so now they are caught by the claws of the drug dealers. The drugs include chars, hashish, bang, opium and locally prepared bear.

These drugs are sold at a very high cost in the black market which is much enough to bring the drug users below the poverty line. Another alarming issue is that the locally prepared bear is prepared under poor circumstances and it is not properly preserved, so it easily become contaminated and corrosive for health. By using these drugs the users are not only putting their lives and money at risk but on the other hand they are destroying the future of the young society.

Now it is an alarming threat for the society to understand this burning issue and take proper measures against this fettle and wide-spreading abuse. So this is the voice of the youth society for the low makers and governing officials to take strong actions against the invisible devastating disaster.

The contributor is a teacher hailing from Shishkat village of Gojal Valley, Hunza. 

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  1. Correct assessment of the situation by Hassan and a food for thought .Lets say “No ” to drugs.

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