Interview with Amjad Ayub, PMLN leader from Hunza Valley

PAMIR TIMES – Interview with Amjad Ayub, Chairman KADO and PMLN leader from Hunza Valley from Pamir Times on Vimeo.

As part of its series of interviews, PAMIR TIMES conducted an interview with Amjad Ayub, a PMLN leader and hopeful candidate for the future GBLA elections. He has also served as the Chairman of Pakistan Tour Operators Association (PATO) and Karakoram Area Development Organization (KADO), a Hunza based NGO. In this interview he shares interesting solutions and suggestions for the future of Hunza Valley and Gilgit-Baltistan.

This is the second interview as a part of a series started by Pamir Times. The first interview was conducted in collaboration with Hunza Online in which the views of Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, former Chief Executive of Gilgit-Baltistan were shared.

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One Comment

  1. I admire vision and willing heart of Kako Amjad Ayub. Indeed his vision is admireable but dear kako amjad didn’t comment about System (government rit) which is rusted and development. Example Hospital, school, police system etc.

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