Radio Journalists to be considered for AGAHI Awards 2013

Islamabad (PR) Radio is the most effective tool in stimulating debate, to promote interest in radio journalism, AGAHI will create special categories in Radio Journalism at the upcoming AGAHI Awards 2014.

On 13th February, World Radio Day is celebrated all over world to sensitize journalists, radio station owners, executives and governments in developing gender-related policies and strategies for radio and building radio skills for youth radio production, with a special focus on young journalists as producers, hosts and reporters.

“Radio plays an essential role in rural development in educating and in improving the livelihoods of the lesser privileged communities. There are 12 million radio listeners, 138 commercial and 40 campus radio channels, but as the focus has been increasingly on entertainment content: there is an incredible need for developing and broadcasting content that empowers the vulnerable of the society” said Puruesh Chaudhary, President AGAHI on World Radio Day.

To promote news content and current affairs programming on radio, AGAHI aims to acknowledge and recognize quality work being produced local radio journalists. Local communities are the building block of democracy and no medium communicates with the local communities better than the radio. Radio journalists have the rare opportunity to use this medium in a very artistic and creative manner, said Murtaza Solangi, Former Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

The Agahi Awards are an annual series of journalism awards in Pakistan, developed under the umbrella of the Credibility Lab in collaboration with AGAHI Foundation and Mishal Pakistan, to encourage ethical and quality content. The evaluation methodology and criteria of the awards has been designed on the pillars of Media Development Indicators of UNESCO, with support from the Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) and UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Agahi Awards were inaugurated in March 2012 and have become the most prestigious awards for the journalism industry in Pakistan.

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