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[Poetry] Adhuri Azadi



by Noor

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  1. An excellent expression of frustrations, burning desires and showing a way ahead, I mean a visionary poetry for our beloved homelond and its proud people!!!!! Great!!!

    Abbas Ali

  2. Really nice poetry,
    It’s not only a lines, but it’s an open message for all those, who falsly think they are free and celebrate da indepndence of thoz, who has snatched our Lands, who has kept us slaves, who don’t count us aming da human beings, despite da fact that they themselves are slaves of others…….!!!!!!

  3. Well said, I hope all of our youth thinks the same as u do. Then we will get our rights which have been denied us for 62 year of independence. good luck with your journey

  4. Noor
    Nice, but how much will it effect the blind vision of the community which is see with eyes, with differnt lear of strips, the religion, the culture and the things which is the gift form the past

    what can feer us all, all we are or not may be time will not be their to see us free.

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