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Glider safely rescued on his birthday

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, Oct 16: An army helicopter has successfully rescued the missing Austrian paraglider Leo Erich, after 24 hours, on his 40th birth day.  He was among the nine member German and Austrian paraglider team that glided from Borith Sar (4000m), on Thursday. The glider is badly injured and having problems due to cold weather. He has therefore been shifted to Gilgit after receiving first aid in Gulmit.

According to Afzal Khan, Director of the Silk Route Hotel, Gulmit, the glider fell down above Ghulinghal, Ghulkin, due to heavy wind. Luckily he did not sustain life threatening injuries because of the presence of snow at spot where he ‘landed’. The team leader established contacts with him through wireless phone and advised him to save himself from the cold weather.

The volunteers of Focus Humanitarian and local administration have also conducted search and rescue operations throughout Saturday night, however remained unable to locate him. 

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  1. I pray for his safe return, I have trust on the volunteers and the youth of our community that nothing is impossible for them and the glider will be rescued safely. No doubt paragliding is a very dangerous passion but the stormy wind and severe cold weather of Gojal sometimes makes it impossible for such an activity and can lead to disastrous incidents. The paragliders have to plan very carefully plan before executing any such activity in that part of the world.

    Nauroze Shah
    Aga Khan Trust for Culture
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  2. Most interesting: Leo Erich’s rebirth on his 40th birthday under amazingly difficult circumstances!

    Congatulations and Happy Birthdaday to Erich.

    Thanks PT editors, for displaying the happy news.

    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  3. Our salute goes to the rescuers – our brave soldiers of Pakistan Army….This is why you are ranked among the top most militaries of the wold.

    Very High Appreciations to FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance for their great efforts.

    We are proud of our local tradition and culture where people of all ages are ready as VOLUNTEERS to help anybody of any colour, race or creed on our motherland or elsewhere. May God sustain this unique culture and tradition…! Aameen..!!!

    Finally, Happy birthday to you, Leo Erich, on this peaceful heaven-like soil and congratulations to your family and beloved ones who would really be happy to receive you, home.


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