Music connects the people of Gilgit, Baltistan and Chitral

Sher Zaman Khan

Islamabad, March 2:Ghizer Social and Cultural Forum organized a folk music show here at Lok Virsa Islamabad in an apparently successful attempt to reconnect to its cultural roots. GSCF in collaboration with Chitral Social and Cultural Forum and Lok Virsa organized the marathon Music show before an exuberant and entertainment hungry crowd settled in twin cities, on Saturday evening. The theme of the show ‘Music connects’ hinted at the fact that the shared folk culture is the only thing bringing together the otherwise largely diversified ethnic and religious community.

1920376_10151912781372617_2109807300_nFamous singers and artists from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral exhibited their knack for art and amassed cheers. The performers included veteran singer and Sitar player Rehmat Ali, Salman Paras, Mubarak Ali Sawan, and many more. Shina, Khuwar, Balti and Wakhi folk songs juxtaposed with folk dances set the mood for the sprightly crowd which moved with the melodious fluctuation of every tune. Performances also included sword dance, qwalis, solo and group performances and dances to folk music. The boon of the show was poetical and witty hosting by veteran Urdu poet Ahsan Danish from Skardu, who allured the crowed for getting in Urdu couplets, sometimes extempore, fitting according to the time and the mood. He skillfully carried along the show with his co-host Shahid Nadeem.

The organizers were delighted at the huge turnout. Mustafa Kamal, the President of Ghizer Social and Cultural Forum, in his message said that the culture is our identity and it should be maintained at all cost. It is imperative that the younger generation try to connect to its roots. He thanked the crowed for exhibiting devotion and passion towards the culture.

The audience included member GBLA Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji, noted mountaineer Hassan Sadpara, other dignitaries, students and people from Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral. There was also an overwhelming presence of women. The audience expressed their joy and satisfaction over the efforts done by the youth to preserve cultural heritage. Senior members of the community were positive that the shared culture, especially the music can be used to dispel disharmony and sectarian strife in the region. The entertainment deprived youth called for need of more events of this sort to cater to their needs well as for bringing the polarized society together.

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