Hunza: Comrade Amir Khan warmly received in home town

February 5: Today comrade Amir Khan from Hunza reached his home after spending almost three years in jail. Khan was arrested by the police in 2011 when he and some other activists were protesting to demand justice for the victims of Attabad and the father and son who were killed as a result of police firing during a peaceful protest in Aliabad, Hunza.

Comrade Amir Khan was warmly received in various villages of Hunza includign Nasirabad, Aliabad, and Karimabad, his hometown.

He was brought to the valley in the form of a rally. During the rally various speakers paid tribute to Khan for his devotion and nationalistic approach and encourage youth of Hunza to come forward to defend the rights of the people of Hunza who have been oppressed by the current government.  

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