Hunza: Progressive leader vow to continue movement till attainment of rights

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Hunza, March 25: The Awami Action Committee should take immediate steps to materialize the visit of Agha Rahat and Qazi Nisar to Hunza-Nagar and Diamer. We have a keen eye on the activities of the saboteurs. Conspiracies will be foiled and the people will stand for common rights.

These views were expressed yesterday during a join press conference addressed by Engineer Aman Ullah,  Chairman GBDA, Mumtaz Nagri, ex-president of Karakuram National Movement (KNM) and Baba Jan, Awami Workers Party Gilgit-Baltistan).

They also said that the movements for restoration of wheat subsidy and human and political rights will continue. They warned that conspiracies are being hatched to sabotage the movement. They said that all such conspiracies will be foiled with the help of the public.

MEDIA PROTEST -  Akela's unjust arrestThe progressive leaders also said that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan are deprived of rights and they do not have control over their own resources, which is leading to multiplication of poverty and ignorance. They said that their struggle will not come to an end with the restoration of the wheat subsidy.

“We will continue our struggle for abolition of taxes on cellular services, restoration of subsidies on all edible and non-edible items and attainment of political rights”, they said, adding that India and Pakistan are bound to provide subsidies to the people of the regions under their control.

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