Chitral: Armed paramilitary personnel checking students in examination halls

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Islamabad, March 28: The photograph of an armed paramilitary soldier checking a student during an examination in Chitral District has sparked a debate and a controversy. The photograph was posted on the social media website (Facebook) yesterday by none other than a profile claiming to represent the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Chitral.

Teachers and students are expressing enrage and disgust at the site of a student being checked “like a criminal”. Others are saying that there is a need for discouraging the practice of cheating during examinations but this needs structural reforms and better upbringing of students instead of “humiliating” and intimidating them by checking them inside examination halls with the help of armed security personnel. 

One commentator posted on the Deputy Commissioner’s profile, accusing the administration of using the security of forces to check students in examination halls instead of taking action against criminals and terrorists and officials of the district administration who fail to perform their duties. 

So far, the profile claiming to represent the office of the DCO has refrained from commenting on the photograph which has caused the controversy.

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