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Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan reinstates 192 illegally hired teachers

Muhammad Ali, a governance expert based in Islamabad, said that the decision will set precedence for future corruption

Ahmad Shah 

Gilgit, March 20: The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, has reportedly approved a summary that recommended reinstating of 192 teachers who had been dismissed from service after being found guilty of using bribe and other illegal means to get government jobs.

Muhammad Ali, a governance expert based in Islamabad, said that the decision will set precedence for future corruption
Muhammad Ali, a governance expert based in Islamabad, said that the decision will set precedence for corruption in the future

These illegally hired teachers were fired based on the recommendations made by a specially constituted investigation committee. Later, however, the ousted teachers were asked to appear in a test and interview. Around 400 teachers were dismissed after they failed to pass the test/interview and failed to show that they had the qualifications necessary for becoming teachers.

Under political pressure, however, and in view of the possible political backlash in the upcoming elections, the Chief Minister after approval of his cabinet, Chief Secretary, Secretary Education, has approved the reinstating of 192 illegally hired teachers.

Twenty of the reinstated teachers had reportedly failed in the interview process.

48 teachers who had not appeared in the interview will also be allowed an opportunity, said a statement released by the CM office.

The controversial decision has disappointed the educated youth who cannot get government jobs due to lack of money to pay as bribe or due to absence of enough political, religious, backing.

1 thought on “Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan reinstates 192 illegally hired teachers

  1. Here it should be cleared that whether these teachers are
    involved in corruption or not. i.e

    If they have been appointed on the bases of
    corruption like (bribing, nepotism, sectionalism, political affiliation, nationalism
    and regionalism) are not entitle to work as teachers as they are considered the
    builders of future. All these positions should announce openly and through set
    recruitment process these should hired if any of these qualify.

    If the GBLAS and senior professionals have
    approved the criteria of only qualifying interview means they are compromising
    on the future of generation. If team has ensured that candidate has required
    content knowledge and potential for teaching if it was so why illegal means
    were adopted to acquire seat instead of open competition.

    It is also challenging and alarming that whether
    the self governance ordinance allow the policy makers and decision makers to
    legalize the corruption through passing resolutions or legislation. If this is
    self governace order or package it means future generation is destroyed as all
    forthcoming political figures not leaders would made decisions according to
    their need regardless of constitution and governance order.

    My sympathies are with these teachers but not on
    the cost of future generation and cost of corruption. They should compete
    openly to get their due right.

    Through a case study I had noticed that in some
    schools students’ wee saying that they are not ready to study under the
    supervision of these three lacees or four lacees means students have also witnessed
    or realized these teachers have been appointed illegally.

    If management and professionals deems that these interview
    qualifiers appointment is in the interest of
    community means still question raises why they do not opt proper way of
    recruitment that is ,open announcement, transparent test , interview and

    Compare to those teachers who have less
    qualification with no certificates or
    academically weak and could not qualify the interview as well are comparatively
    better who have qualified interview but
    still GBIANS are reluctant that why they
    used mal practices for attaining
    position and introduced corruption.

    In view of such approach of political parties
    and decision makers the future of GB seems completely dim if not dark completely.

    All well wishers of GB are requested to raise
    voice against all types of corruption that deviate the Islamic golden principles and good governance as well that is
    honesty, justice, transparency,
    accountability, fairness, participation and responsiveness.

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