AAC condemns delays in payments to people affected by KKH expansion

The leaders of the Awami Action Committee accused DC Hunza-Nagar of profiteering on money meant for KKH expansion affectees
The leaders of the Awami Action Committee accused DC Hunza-Nagar of profiteering on money meant for KKH expansion affectees

With reporting by Abdul Rehman Bukhari

Gilgit, June 2: The Awami Action Committee (AAC) today announced that it would start massive agitation in the Gilgit-Baltistan in support of the thousands of families who have lost their land during the Karakuram Highway (KKH) expansion project.

AAC Convener, Advocate Ehsan Ali, at a press conference alleged that 280 million rupees have been transferred to the account of Deputy Commission of Hunza-Nagar to pay the affected people in the district but the money is being kept in a bank and profits are being earned on it. He also said that the payment formula (award) for Gilgit district has yet to be prepared, after a lapse of seven years and near completion of the project.

They said that if the more than thousand affected families of Hunza-Nagar were not paid the Awami Action Committee will start a mass protest in the region.

AAC leaders Maulana Rehmatullah Siraji, Engineer Amanullah, Safdar Ali and Baba Jan were also present at the press conference.

They said that while the government is preparing to pay the people affected by the Diamer-Bhasha Dam even before the initiation of the project but those affected by the KKH expansion are deliberately being ignored for the last seven years.

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One Comment

  1. Really challenging and alarming situation for leadership and
    management! We are expecting with relevant management that they should ensure
    proper service delivery to public in all spheres of life. This target can be
    achieved through mentoring and monitoring of all departments at district level.
    First of all I would say that both parties, management as well as AAC should
    pubic the realities to avoid confusions and blaming culture. As our Holy Quran guides
    that after complete confirmation of any issue and gathering all types of information
    the decision or action should be taken. We would expect with relevant deputy
    commissioner to public the ground realities that why their team could not pay
    the amount to KKH affectees in time. If this news is based on truth that seven
    years ago the amount was transferred in the personal account of DC and he is
    drawing interest seems me illogic and irrational. If it is reality than the all
    four members of GBLA related Hunza Nagar have no any moral ground to sit in
    their seats along with management as
    they failed to stop corruption and could not ensure service delivery. If
    interest has been deposited, this amount should be spent for affectees as well
    as area development not for management or leadership. For such cases we would
    propose that there should be joint account from all stake holders like
    management, leadership and representative from affectee as well. Transparency
    and accountability need to ensure in all routines of life. The district
    management is the only machinery that can ensure its implementation. We would
    be interested if DC sab would public his motive on this burning issue to remove
    and reduce misunderstandings and confusions further. Chief Secretary sab is
    requested to take it serious and find out any amicable solution and ensure
    proper and transparent payments to its deserving’s.


    Ali Mehr

    Social auditor/ activist GB

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