Three high-value terrorists linked with TTP arrestd in Diamer, say reports

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Gilgit, July 10: The law enforcing agencies continued their search operation in different parts of Diamer Valley on the third day of the offensive. Inspector General of Police, Saleem Bhatti, has said that the terrorists holed up in remote parts of Diamer are linked with TTP based in Waziristan. “They get instructions from people based in Waziristan”, the region’s police chief has told Abdul Rehman Bukhari of Daily Baad-e-Shimal during an interview in Gilgit.

There are also reports of the arrest of three high-value terrorists during the Diamer operation. BBC has identified the arrested terrorists as Sher Dil, Ameer Changezi and Hamza Shinwari. Some other suspects have, reportedly, also been arrested from other parts of the country based on intelligence reports.

The government of Gilgit-Baltistan had launched a military operation in Diamer district after a police station was attacked last week in the Dodishal area, located at the KPK-GB border.

The arrested terrorists are believed to be involved in several acts of terrorism in different parts of the country, including Peshawar and other cities. BBC has reported that the detained terrorists were involved in planning acts of terror and selecting men for executing them.

Meanwhile, leader of PMLN ,Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman has said that by using the term “Diamer Operation” the people are being terrified. He has also said that military operation is not a solution for the problem. He has said that the people of Diamer are patriotic Pakistanis and they have great services for the development of Pakistan.

Tanzeem-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jammat has also criticized the military operation in Diamer, saying that it will further add to militancy and terrorism in the region, instead of curbing it. They have also said that the ordinary people are suffering without any reason.

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