Sado-i-Pomir folk band represents Pakistan at the Roof Of the World Festival

Islamabad: Roof of the World festival-ROWF was held in Khorogh Tajikistan from 1-3 of August 2014. Pakistan was represented by IPPAC’s folk music band Sado-i-Pomir . The band comprised of musicians and singers from G-B, including, DWBaig, Jabir Khan, Irfan Ali and Manzoor Baltistani.

IPPAC -Initiative fr the Promotion of Pamiri Arts and Culture is a platform to preserve and promote the arts and culture of GB and Chitral.

The artists from GB performed songs in Wakhi, Shina, Khowar, Brushaski , Urdu and Persian.

IPPAC also gave presentation to the students and musicians from different part of the world in University of Central Asia on the arts and culture of Pakistani Pamiri community

Talking to Pamir Times, DWBaig, renowned singer and composer, said, “Our band Sado-i-Pomirs performance was termed one of the best performances this year.” He also said that they met Pamiri musicians and discussed future opportunities for collaboration.

Baig participated in the festival for the second time, while Jabir, Irfan and Manzoor accompanied him for the first time.

He thanked BOWF and AKRSP for sponsoring the tour.

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