Talking shadows

By Didar Ali 

Welcome to Gilgit-Baltistan

Wait, Gilgit or Baltistan?? I mean Gilgit, no I mean Baltistan I mean both; I mean………….!!!!!

My homeland is the 5th PROVINCE of Islamic….. Republic……. of Pakistan…

Province? Where? How? When did it happen????  Come on don’t jerk around, I don’t believe at all…..there are only four provinces and its written everywhere  even in text books and in official record….. ssshhhhh!!!

shadowsOne more thing. I never heard the name of Gilgit-Baltistan in any seductive sacred song; maybe I am deaf, Noooooo!!! Maybe while writing the hymn, the lyricist pen dried-up or maybe the lyricist ears got fungal infection, which blocked the way to carry the sounds and echoes coming from the high mountains to his brain, this would have helped him to pen down the NAME on a drought hit paper.

But we fought a brutal war against Dogra and we won it. Yaaahhoooooo!!!!

That’s absolutely true and then what?? you’ve become salve of salves.  It’s you! Who fascinated the hyenas to chomp you from tip to toe.  Isn’t it?

Now what happened to your great worriers? Why don’t you and your worriers stand up and fight against, ignorance, ddiscrimination and chauvinistic beliefs. Why don’t you raise your voice for your civil rights and liberties?

We have the educated elites and many of these have earned their degrees from world’s prestigious universities. They will change the course.

That’s irony of you people, you don’t need to be proud of these educated junkies, these are taught and trained how to earn money, that’s it. These sophisticated, manufactured and educated ninjas are hardly familiar with comprehension, knowledge, understanding and intellectual capacity.

Don’t forget there is an increasing divide between educated youth, those who have studied in low class educational facilities and those who have been studying in well established private schools.

We are united

Then why there is sectarian violence at its peak? Why people live under the shadows of fear? Why people prefer to buy guns rather food, school uniform and books for their kids? Why the residents are scared to roam around freely? Why there is lingual and ethnic divide, If you are that united?

One thing you have to agree, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

Let me correct you; it used to be striking.

But now, you have cruelly ruined the beauty of pristine nature. All you have created great mess from your tiny orchards to the mountain tops.

We have the outstanding tourist attractions, which can bring millions of dollars.

For that you need a system and a well defined policy, which can be implemented practically. Ironically here every tour operator or travel agent is a system within and every porter or tour guide is a policy maker.

These policy makers change their policies according to beauty and attractions of foreign lady, I mean with passage of time. One can buy these self-made policies with a shuffle of some colorful foreign notes.

Whatever you say, we are unique in all way.

That might be correct; you are strangely unique in all way. Indians call you their part, like a gangster who believes that the most beautiful girl in the town is his girlfriend.

Kashmiris call you their brother but when it comes to equal opportunities and rights, they even forget their fathers, so wake up.

Your all weather (it should be seasonal friendship) friend China, is always there waiting, like a vulture who waits for the dying mammal to get his share.

Pakistan is taking care of you, (to how extend, you know it well) like a rich man taking care of an orphan found in the town. You don’t know who you are and what you want to be.

Awwwwhhhh!!! I am sleepy, going to bed

Haahhhahhaha!!! That’s what you have been doing for more than 60 years, comatose!!

Didar has a passion to write about arts, culture, environment, philosophy, politics, technology and tourism. He is also a cultural and social critic. He blogs at OINOMANCY and SHUPUN

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