Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Gilgit-Skardu Road: A Step Forward

Muhammad Hasnain Tabassum

The contemporary news about the tender, nomination allocation for construction of Gilgit Skardu Road has no parallel in history of the region. Too many a blessing falls at the same time only through Allah’s Will. To state about the long lasting debate about the case in point is over. It is paramount as well as a step in the right direction. What to talk about the miseries of the residents throughout the history. It is high time to celebrate such a new milestone and a breakthrough for the down to earth people of the terrain. Here, it is essential to highlight that the nominees of the tender has to give out their best in accordance with the set time frame. Therefore, whosoever gets nominated will for sure execute the entire working in their best possible way.

What was the past has nothing to do with the existing situation as well as forecasting about the future. What that keenly concerns is how the current developments and footnotes will bring forth revolutionary changes in the times to come.

Allocation of Rs 45 billion for Gilgit Skardu Road is in itself a success and achievement for the frantic efforts of all stakeholders. Having said repeatedly the miserable plight, the convoy system, the tragic accidents all categorically manipulate the uni-dimensional road into much more perplex and unspoken dilemma for the commoner to bear the burden of travelling for almost 30-34 hours. It is eleventh hour all stakeholders in
general and nominees in particular contribute during the instant time for bearing fruits in the long run.

In addition, the governing bodies, the commoner, all members from diversified fields along with civil rights activists with all other stakeholders ought to be paid tribute owing to which sparked a bristling light into the gloomy hearts of the local inhabitants.

The sincerity, dedication and devotion for the cause is exemplary and bounds no limit yet it is the real tasting of time and a prime responsibility of the nominated organization (FWO) to lead this project till completion within the specified tenure of three years. Undoubtedly, FWO has built much of the already constructed road, yet it is the need of the hour to jump start in order to accomplish the desired goal within the set time frame.

Gone are the days when promises and mere rhetoric used to be the tools in the hands of political figure. Now, the days of development and progress have paved their way. Opportunities have knocked at the door of the masses. All the concerned authorities should rather diligently play their pivotal role to building the long wished unconstructed road.

Through these breaking chains a lot of new horizons and hundreds of opportunities can be availed. According to various sources CPEC will open 700 000 employment opportunities; such an example testifies the case in point. For this project also a bulk of doors are opening. It is indispensable to mention some; such as employment opportunities, better educational and health standard, uninterrupted communication as well as transportation mechanism, construction of economic and industrial zones, national level as well as international level investors, FDI, urbanization to open up opportunities, no road based accidents (key concern of the inhabitants), better living standards.

Furthermore, all organizations (non-profit organization, non-governmental organization, international organizations) along with all private sector educational institutions will get an easy access to the locality. Such rapid evolution and revolution is awaiting head of us. Progress and development at the hallmark, tourism industry will boost up resulting in uplifting the life style of the people in particular and pushing up the economics of the entire country in general.

It is a ray of hope to a lot more debated and unexplored region. Indeed, such drastic changes comes a sigh of relief for the general masses.

Lastly, territorial link can be a stepping stone for wriggling out of the constitutional limbo.

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