[Poetry] Memobaan Naa – A Candid Whisper

 Shade or sun, rain or shine black or white, matters to me not

A glance of serene smile, just says all,     memobaan naa jeeadan

My buddies in ventures, tots on trip and acquaintances landing in

Now, me in serenity, because   you are there, memobaan naa  jeeadan

You in an  alien land, just hearing in a word of sweet discourse

Startled in joy, an instant rejoice, as you are there, memobaan naa jeeadan

Yes, in ultimate wearying journey and seeking refuge in a canopy

Reward, fortune or relief, because you are there memobaan naa  jeeadan

In a chamber or post, nay to confront tasks and favors

Yet a gesture of relief, as you are there, memobaan naa jeeadan

In ailing kith, and in agony or ecstasy, or loneliness of sigh and grief

Me en-visioning thee, because you are there, memoban naa jeeadan

Lost in multitude, and   astray, desperate in thunderstorm

A spark of hope and a blush, as I saw you,  memobaan  naa jeeadan

Wandering in leisure, as in carnivals and a joy never contended

What a whisper of magic word, yes it is you! memobaan naa jeeadan

A lane is out, and abode broken in, no shelter in a rainy day

A sweet word of calling in, I am here, memoban naa jeeadan

Yasiniks the son of worriers, Ishkoman a soil of saints, and my golden Ghizar

Thy Herbar heights, ours nether Huns and we all for core of Kanjut!

 All Inay shullay yal loo baan, memobaan naa jeeadan

(Verses from my open, light & Hybrid (English-Burushaski) poetry)
Karim town, Zulfiqar colony, Gilgit
June 21, 2014

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