The only Primary School in Siksa, Chourbat Valley, lacks basic infrastructure

Students standing in front of the tent that is their classroom

Muhammad Irfan 

This summer Central President Siksa Students Welfare Organization visited the Primary School Siksa. He met with the teachers and inquired about their problems, as well as the performance of the school so far. The teachers said that the construction of Primary school Siksa had started some five years back, but even today some classes are being taught inside tents. These tents were used initially to accommodate the students while the construction of the school had begun.

Students enjoy during the excursion trip

The floors of the classrooms are so rough, without tile or proper plastered cement, reflecting a highly unfavorable learning environment. When the little students come out of the classrooms their shoes tell that they were probably walking on a long muddy road.

The school has neither a boundary wall nor any room for the staff members. It has been neglected completely by the district education department, since the very beginning.

Surprisingly, the performance of teachers and students were quite satisfactory despite lack of proper facilities. The well reputed teachers like Abdullah not only teaches the students about the subject matter but also engages them in recreational activities. Young students love coming school everyday due to the interesting recreational activities their teachers organize fro them.

A group of students standing in front of their classroom

“I want to make it a model  school for all the public sector schools in the District, but we are not provided proper facilities.” Said Mr. Abdullah, who is a very senior teacher.

 The Siksa Students Welfare Organization has demanded proper infrastructure for the school so that the students could study in an appropriate environment. The organization also demands probe into the delays in construction, despite of millions of rupees being spent on the project.

Apparently, the owner of construction company responsible for building this school is a wannabe politician, who has submitted applications twice in the past to contest elections for the regional legislative body.

An excursion trip was arranged for the students and the staff of the school

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