Chitral: Mother of two “kills herself”, taking the number of suicides this year to 16

Chitral, September 11: A married woman, mother of two, allegedly killed herself by hanging to a rope tied to the ceiling in the Mordair village of Chitral district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

According to details, father of the woman approached the Police station in Torkhoh valley, to report the alleged suicide of his daughter. He told the police that his daughter has committed suicide for unknown reasons. He has also informed the police that his daughter was married to a man in another village.

This latest suicide takes the number of women who allegedly killed themselves during 2014, so far, to sixteen (16), according to local representatives of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission.

The biggest cause of suicide among women, reportedly, is absence of social justice and discriminatory customs, as well as domestic issues and socio-economic pressures.

With reporting by Javed Hayat

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