Sost Dry Port: Chinese management ready for audit, say Directors

Dong Xiaobn
Deng Xiaobin

Gilgit, September 19: The Chinese management of the Sost Dry Port has claimed that they have not taken even a single rupee back as profit. The entire profit of the Joint Venture is safely deposited in their accounts.

This was stated in a press release issued by two Chinese officials of the Sost Dry Port. He has also said that the period of cooperation, with regards to management of the dry port, has not come to an end. He has rubbished the claims published in a section of the region press, calling it untrue and fake.

The Directors, Deng Xiaobin and Zhang Yi, have also said that they are ready to let any independent competent authority to look into their account, records and audit reports.

The two directors have also thanked their supporters and well wishers.

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