A generation in solitary confinement

By Didar Ali

A sudden change in life sometime is merciless, especially for those who have had eventful days.

Living a tough scheduled life, the civil servant is trying to cope up with his retirement ordeal. Being free at home and having the gratuitous feeling, which is not lesser then slow poisoning.

The farmer, who used to rush the family fields before  dawn and used to return home after sunset has now gone frail; the only job is to roam around like a stranger in the streets of his home town, trying to know the recognized paths.

Sitting beside a traditional heating stove, with his wife, in a cold winter day the retired army man with a tiny stick in hand, the infuriated macho man is trying to find something missing in ashes. Most probably a struggle to find the missing lines between his later life and formative years.

The shepherd and shepherdess who have had their joyous days on mountain top are now confined because of advancing years and poor fitness. Sometime they argue about all these unexpected changes in life, which are unpleasant but certain.

The teacher who was once addicted to deliver lectures to his students every day, now hardly finds anyone to discuss even his personal issues. He talks; but not deliberately, to the walls or trees of his garden like he has got his pupils or some dear ones around.

The tailor who used to introduce new fashions for ladies of the area, now hardly recognizes people passing by, as her eyesight has betrayed her in the age of prime need.

The famous carpenter who used to carve woods with great command has now got shaky hands, he hardly manages to have a cup of tea with his own hands. There isn’t anyone except his wife to stand by him and make him pass these unkind days of life.

The melodious folk singer, who was once loved for his soulful songs is bowed numb, he hardly mumbles for his need, which is quite rare as he has also compromised on his dire needs.

These aren’t few individuals, but a generation of senior citizens living the high mountains area who are suffering with solitary, which is not lesser than confinement.

These innocent old aged senior citizen have sacrificed their whole life for their family, especially for betterment of their children, whom they thought will be support of their unkind days. Unluckily this is not happening according to plans as the educated monsters have started neglecting these unfortunate group.

These young boors seemingly avoiding this golden class, as they find them boring, dull or uninteresting. Such heartless approach can only lead to human tragedy, which is already been witnessed on many occasions.

Money, cars, smart phones, expensive clothing, watches and other materials are now priorities of these educated monsters rather love and care for their parents or loved ones.

Didar has a passion to write about arts, culture, environment, philosophy, politics, technology and tourism. He is also a cultural and social critic. He blogs at OINOMANCY and SHUPUN

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  1. Waoh. A great start.

    You have a point but I assume the elders remain the top authority in nothern areas. I am not sure if the elders are confined not at-least in areas I visited.

    Anyways a great write-up.

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