Young minds with aggression and crime!

By Salima Aman

The recent and unethical incident related to the abuse and murder of Hasnain is very shameful and heart breaking. I don’t crave to narrate this but the picture of his innocence and few questions in my mind obliged me to write some paragraphs. I have been through the pictures of culprits and my nerves were stuck for a while, thinking are these the boys who committed such a horrendous crime at such a tender age?

What is the main force and source behind this act? What bothered their minds to act inhumanly? Many incidents were occurred in past few years but hesitation and lack of confidence fissured them all but this cruel murder on screen has given and awake every one to think upon. What are the solutions just giving a status on Facebook, commenting, and arguing with each other? Is there any proper law which can be implemented? Is there any proper way which can be followed up?

If just teenagers can commit a sex abuse, then we can imagine where our society is going and where the minds stand. These issues really need critical thinking. If it can happen with a boy then how can a girl be safe?

Many arguments have been studied regarding the issue of Hasnain, and it has been found out that every one wants to give the criminals punishment and provide Hasnain and his family with justice. Personally. I want it too, but it is their luck that they are ‘teenagers’, and there is not such a law for punishing them.

Rape cases have been occurring for many years now. Why? Because culprits escape somewhere and somehow, without having any penalty. Crime is crime and culprits must be given a proper recognizable punishment that others will vacillate to step such things again at least some dare must be in minds. Yes always providing punishment is not the permanent solution but for this time it must be done and onward other precautions must be considered as well reaching the roots. Giving them imprisonment of one or two years is not the solution; they will come up with a strong criminal mind after having imprisonment of just one to two years. They can also not be hanged, so it seems that keeping them in jail for a longer period, till they regret their crime and mend their mind, seems to be a viable way out.

Our society is tagged a peaceful and crime-less, but after this particular incident making such a claim is nothing more than a joke. I think the educated and authorized personalities should come up with permanent solutions like organizing counseling seminars for both parents and children and aware them with the proper ways of interpersonal communication which is week in our generations. Parent’s responsibilities are giving their Young minds attention, affection and care the lack of which lead to these behaviors. Other then these busy tricks should be maintained and scheduled in schools to track their minds from criminal activities. Our society needs it so badly for future development of generations.

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  1. A well written article having insight… Its a dismay that our society in general and governmental institutions in particular do not value the repurcussions/ ill effects of the rape. You are right, culprits go unapprehended and justice needs to be done … all told, justice delayed is the justice denied.

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