SAP School teachers’ strike continues for the fifth day, 14 arrested and released

With reporting by Farman Karim Baig 

Gilgit, November 22: Teachers of the Social Action Programme (SAP) schools have been protesting for the past five days, demanding regularization of services and payment of salaries. Yesterday, 14 teachers were arrested and later released on bail, for “blockade of roads”.

The SAP school teachers, who were hired on contract as part of a World Bank project, have been demanding regularization of services for the past several years. The schools, after the ending of the WB project, were handed over to the National Education Foundation, which has failed to find a viable solution for the issues being faced by the teachers.

In the middle of May this year, when the teachers were on strike for several days, a three-member committee had been formed by the GBLA to resolve the issue. However, nothing is know of the progress made by the committee thus far.

The teachers had finished their previous long dharna after getting assurance from members of the clergy and key government officials.

The government has failed to fulfill their demands despite of promises by key officials, including the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister of Gigit-Baltistan, as well past and present federal ministers.

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