An uncertain future for Pakistan

Rizwan Jamil 

The recent attack on a school in Peshawar has left many of us in sorrow. In fact, the whole nation is grieved. The attacks in the past and recent have made it evident that the future of Pakistan is in the dark. Terrorism has spread its root deep in Pakistan and our administration and leadership has run out of strategies. They have failed to curb the roots of terrorism out of Pakistan. Citizens of Pakistan are worried and feel helpless while they are their children are being hunted. The number of victims is too obscene to track. They are infinite! Pakistan has become a soft and easy target, and many forces are trying their best to destabilize the country. Keeping in view the number of damages, it will be not wrong to say that our intelligence agencies have failed completely, our security institutions have failed and so have the hopes of the people.

The massacre in Peshawar, targeting 132  innocent kids, has spread a sense of terror among the citizens of Pakistan. As a result people have become frightened. They now live in terror, let alone afraid of performing their religious ceremonies with peace. The threat of a terrorist attack lurks in their mind all the time.

Why do we have to live like this? Why can’t we feel safe in our own homeland? Who is doing it? Why are they doing it? Nobody knows and no one can answer these questions.

By the recent act, it is for sure that those terrorists are beyond religious grounds. An attack happens and Tehreek Taliban claims its responsibility. Is it just one organisation that can destabilise a country of 190 million people? It remains a mystery.

I always wonder what rationale they would have killing innocent ones. What may seem to be unending are the rising deaths of innocent people and families who are losing their love ones and for what reason they will never know. There is nothing that can be done to cover their damages. Nothing could bring back their lost ones. No one can explain or understand their pain and only the ones who are going through.

Terrorism has broken the back of Pakistan. It has adversely affected the economy of Pakistan in so many ways that has made the country unstable and weak. Foreign investments and Tourism Industries have become victimized impacting thousands of lives through out Pakistan. Making hundreds of people jobless in badly damaged economy of Pakistan. Whereas, many other resources are also on the edge of devastation. It will remain the same way if steps are not taken to curb terrorism.

In past years, loss of life has been gigantic but we still haven’t seen a strategy to eliminate terrorism. We have only seen statements and now we are fed up of them. We know that this curse is eating Pakistan like termites. The authorities need to find out solutions and we all know there are better solutions then removing moratorium on death penalty. A lot more can be done. We need to understand and accept the security failures that has led to many attacks in the recent years and the worst of the kind that happened in Peshawar.  We need to make arrangements to strengthen our security system throughout the country. We need to make such examples for the ill minded terrorists that they think thousand times before hurting Pakistan.

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