What happens to the “Notices” after they have been taken?

Everyday we are flooded with reports through the media that the Chief Secretary has taken notice of this or that issue.

For instance;

Chief Secretary has taken notice of shortage of wheat!

Chief Secretary takes notice of non-payment of pensions on time!

Chief Secretary has taken notice of the load shedding in the city of Gilgit

Chief Secretary takes strong notice of complaints of corruption in different departments

Chief Secretary has taken notice of the bad condition of roads in the city

Chief Secretary has taken notice of the shortage of medicines

Chief Secretary has been taken notice of absence of doctors

Chief secretary has taken strong notice of shortage of medicines

The question is, what happens after the notice has been taken? How many notice-taking actions are followed up by real action on the ground and how many issues have been resolved after the much trumpeted notice-has-been-taken mantra?

Why are so many issues still remaining despite of this oft repeated mantra of “notice-has-been-taken”?

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  1. It is a strategy to fool the so called civil society. Who is part of a civil society? Isn’t the notice taker himself part of the very civil society? He knows the prevailing mind set of and in the masses, so he takes the same strategy to fool them to maintain his own status. Who wants to get involved in an endless dilemma where even solutions to the prevailing problems lead to raise more problems than solutions? There is open bribery in most departments, favoritism, nepotism and khao peo mooj manao. We all are suffering as a nation but we all are part of the oppression. Our direction is towards a marshland from where no one is able to return. Isn’t it true that the product of our educational institutions is at the helms of affairs in different departments who got top ranks in their academic careers but without top attitudes leading to justify corruption as a formal matter. Stop me here please, please please.

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