Do such things that you will always be remembered

By Qasim Ali Pamiri

Some people will be always remembered due to the voluntary services rendered throughout their lives for the standardization of societies. These people scarify their lives in one or another way to strengthen the community. These people are remembered as legends in the societies.

Late, Mr. Zafar Ullah Baig, a legendary traditional science practitioner belonging to Gulmit village in the Gojal valley won the hearts of the people not only in Gojal valley, but also in Hunza and in Gilgit district as well through the services he rendered to the people in terms of traditional orthopedic treatments. This was observed few days back during the three days cultural and religious practices of funerals in Gojal when Late Mr. Zafar Ullah Baig left towards the eternal world at the age of 86 years, that how much the people of a society appreciate and miss the personalities who provide voluntary services. Thousands of people from all over the area came to his native village to participate in the funeral, pay tribute to the traditional orthopedist, and show sympathy with the grieved family. Late Mr. Baig beside with practicing traditional science, served different social and community level organizations as well. This was why people from every single part of the area showed great emotional attachment to the great human being.

It was amazing to know different facts in those three days about the works and services he rendered during his life. Late Mr. Baig has served the people for 68 years through selfless science practice and cured above forty thousand individuals according to a record book. These facts and figures were announced on the day when he left this world and was laid to rest. This reminds me a day when I broke an ankle while playing soccer and went to Mr. Baig’s home for the treatment. He received me with a warm welcome and treated the injured ankle, talked in such a comfortable way as he was one of a friend of mine, offered a cup of tea, and I left. Knowing the fact that he has cured above 40,000 people I was asking a question from myself that was Late Mr. Baig that much humble with all those patients? The answer was YES. I got the answer during the three days of his funeral procedures in Gulmit where thousands of individuals came daily to see off the departed soul and showed peaks of emotional attachment with him.

The grieved family had substantial role in the whole process of the traditional orthopedic procedures assisting Mr. Baig. And on the day where it was a huge loss for the family, Mr. Rehmat Ullah Baig, his elder son thanked the mass for showing sympathy and promised that the family will continue the mission of the departed soul.

The journey does not end here with the departure of late Mr. Baig towards eternity, one of his grandson Muiz Ullah Baig has joined hands with his grandpa’s mission. Muiz who is only 21 is as effective as his grandpa in practicing the traditional science.

Late Mr. Baig treated patients suffering from broken and dislocated bones without any medical facility. He learnt the traditional medical practices from his father Attaullah Baig at the age of 18. He was the fourth generation in his family practicing this bone setting practices after Attaullah Baig, Khairullah Baig and Muhammad Ali. Beside this, he also served the community in different walks of life. He acted as a lambardar and had great political and leadership wills in the community. He also rendered services in local and social institutions as members of volunteer corps and local conciliation and arbitration panel. During the reign of the last Mir of Hunza Mir Jamal Khan, he served as his representative in exchanging historical state communications with Rehman Qul of Wakhan in Afghanistan (PT). Late Mr. Baig was also well known in the field of sports as he was a talented player of polo and tug of war.

He was a diversified character and will be remembered for decades. As there is a famous quote that, “Do such things that you will always be remembered.”

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  1. zafarullah used to be my patient for the last 9years.he was a thorough gentleman and was very much respect giving. i pray fpr his soul and all my sympathies vd the family

  2. As Ahadith mubaraka says “Khayrun naas mayyanfaun naas ” These are the noblest examples in societies who were beneficial & alive for others. Such people of having indigenous knowledge had played a greater role to console humanity as well as across the community in the remotest areas of GB. Their selfless services for society and humanity would be recalled for ever. May Allah rest the Soul of late legend zafarullah baig in eternal peace and give courage to all bereaved family members to bear this irreparable loss. It is hoped his sibling would also play key role to develop the society as well as GB

  3. My grandfather had an inspiring and charming personality. It was not only the God gifted skill that made him so special but he had wisdom which I never found in books. People rushed to him for his counseling and to settle their disputes and conflicts and he would warmly offer his services.

    He was a humanitarian and it was him who taught me through his practice that humanity is the only religion. He not only cared for people equally but also believed that all human are equal irrespective of any cast or creed. Moreover, his will power and joyous nature captured the hearts of many people. He had many friends who used to meet him regularly and they would crack jokes and tell us their adventurous stories about traveling to Pamir and trading goods.

    Besides, treating dislocations and bone fractures he also cured patients suffering from other diseases like jaundice, burns and muscular injuries etc. I remember patients who were bought bleeding on stretchers at the middle of nights and they walked back home safely on foot after treatment.

    One thing which was persistent in his life was, he never missed offering his prayers. He was generous in his time, words and wealth. He spent a magnificent life that one would dream of, except for the last few years when he unfortunately got ill and his health gradually started falling. For me my grandpa is always there, living his eternal life.

  4. Thanks PT and more specifically Zulfiqar Alli Khan and Qasim Ali for their kind words and contributions about my late father regarding his voluntary services he rendered for more than six decades as specialist and practitioner of the traditional sciences (Indiginous knowledge) of medication, more specifically in line with bone setting (joints dislocation, bones fractures and cracks) as well as other aspects (as my niece Shabina Jabeen rightly mentioned) such as jaundice, burnt and the like). Additionally, he also treated animals bone issues in the same realm as well as having surgery of horses cataract (if am not wrong) called as “Khana dũrzn in Wakhi).

    On behalf of all my joint family members, I’d also like to extend my cordial gratitude to all those who showed their sympathy with us and expressed their kind words about my late father, his predecessors in 3 generations) and his successor Muizullah Beg (my nephew). Muiz has in a short span of time, treated about 300 patients successfully at his young age. We hope he’ll continue this family tradition of indigenous knowledge and practice of medication and will serve the humanity like his late grandfather.

    Also thanks to all those who extended their condolence to us on the FaceBook network and other electronic means.

    I’m sorry for being late in reply as I was away from the Internet for more than a month and returned from Gulmit to Gilgit recently.

    Fazal Amin Beg & family

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