Highest Literacy….. Zero representation

Sultan Ahmad

The otherwise active representative of GB at many fronts, including defense, high mountain sports, cultural exchanges, civil society organization, development, and above all education; the world’s renowned high mountain society successfully embracing the nuances of information, communication and technology; the emblem of peace on earth; HUNZA could not find a space in the game of chairs at the center of governance in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Albeit for a short period of time, this setup is going to have an everlasting impact on the politics of GB in the forthcoming election and beyond. This is what the politics of the country tells us. Let us be clear that if we do not give it a serious thought, we will be facing trouble in the future. We have not forgotten the landslide of Attabad and the politics around that which multiplied the effects of the one-time natural disaster to a man-made disaster full of misery. Let us think wisely and find out the reasons and come out of the myopic mode of thinking.

This is high time to come forward and think collectively while forgoing the little issues that suffice to weaken us despite many of our strengths. If we keep blaming others, that equates to wild hue and cry and no one is going to pay heed. We have to make it a point and think of the reasons of such a treatment which is not being even practiced by strep-mothers today!

In a fragile economic and political arena engulfed by hypocrisy and corruption, our education, civility and politeness has no value. This is perhaps the biggest weakness we have. That is how people perceive us because even when we raise voice, there are enough forces inside out to impede us from claiming our right or at least to say what is wrong and what is right. So we have a choice today. Follow blindly what is going on and don’t utter a single word…which we have been doing so far. OR understand your weaknesses, capitalize on your strengths make one voice to say—we are also the citizens of this land. We have been contributing so much to this land. We are also sensible and capable enough to be in the leadership. We also have some rights in line with our responsibilities.

So Now—-or Never! The voice has to be raised. Not violently, not destructively and not to offend anyone. But to make the authorities realize that when it comes to representation; it doesn’t mean that you just multiply the highest literate society with ZERO. What could be the grounds to do that? Such a society does not need anything? With the highest literacy, poverty and all other issues have come to zero? There is no capable leader who could sit on one of those 12 chairs and utter something otherwise sensible? So, the youth, the opinion makers, thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs, ladies and gentlemen from all the three belts of Hunza…….

It is clear there is a wrong number!!! Come out and just raise your voice gently, politely yet STRONGLY!

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  1. you are very right Mr Sultan,we have to wake up now for our future generations and the important thing is unity,i cant see unity among villages and there should be close relationship among the leaders and the community ,we don’t have to rely on our leaders to do something for us,we are a community who believes in voluntarism and we should follow those who believes in those values.

  2. Very true. Unfortunately the political culture of Pakistan demands assertiveness in the form of violence, which is against a civilized society and political norms. Our highest literacy & politeness are our strengths actually which have become our weaknesses due to lack of leadership and negligible presence in bureaucracy. We must have representation in the temporary setup and need to elect our representatives wisely in the coming election.

  3. This attitude of the Care-Taker Set-Up under the Manging Authorities from Islamabad is obvious of the perceptions of civility and people’s representation in GB and particularly the Hunza Region . The sectarian tactics both in GB and that influenced from Islamabad is an open-secret. The people of Hunza must struggle for a special status from Islamabad as an independent affiliated state of the past!

  4. Yes my friend your concern is right’ but where is our leaders. Is there any benifit to be a member of an assembly which has no moral values and even can not fight for the rights of their people in the capitl city of pakistan. Are we pakistanisss???? No body no. Even after 60yrs we do not have a say in pakistani politics. Where we are and whats our status.

  5. Sultan sahab very interesting article about current political issue and scenario.Hunza is most educated part of GB but less motivated and lack of poltical awareness.Pakistani politics does not requires highly educated people..same as in GB.we need to have a strong leadership who could be formed a new vision and build a nation with no depend on NGOS no depend on tourism not barred by religious norms etc.then we can be able to say we are nation.. Support and encourage youth to take part in practical politics.contest elections then we may find leaders among them.moutaineers or development sector educated people can’t be political leaders. Youth should study politics or Law then they may know how to play there role in the society like GB.
    I must appreciate your effort that u wrote an ground based related article..it will help our youth force to understand to take active part in Politics.

  6. Mr. Sultan Sahib, I appreciate your analytical voice via the article and totally agreed to your point of view. The voice should be raised properly and make the Govt. to realize the genuine concern of the people of the valley. Your job of opinion making is food for thought specially for the highly educated youth. stay blessed

  7. A very thought provoking piece of writing. This is the first time, if i am not wrong that people of every walk from HUNZA have started raising voices on different platforms regarding politics. Before this it was thought to be a game of and for certain people, rest of the public had to show some activity during elections and say a good bye for politics till the next elections. Politics was and is still considered by a majority of our people an abandoned activity, an activity which spoils careers and lives bringing nothing and is fruitless. This is how we perceive politics. I think the main factor to drag us back is the way we look into politics. We have to change our perception. I agree with almost every thing written in here, but how could we make a hard voice, hard enough to be heard, and in a polite way? We need to practice, how to make a hard voice. For that we have to bring politics to our homes, if we feel it is wild we have to tame it, if we feel uncomfortable with it we have to get used to it, anyway, in one way or other we have to get accustomed to the politics of GB. We may suffer, go across tough experiences which our soft, cool, peace loving and educated natures are not familiar to, but we have to jump into it. It is the need of time to support political activists specially the youth who are raising voices for the political rights, the past experiences show that our society has tried to nullify and discourage such activists or have considered their efforts unworthy, they must be encouraged now. Keeping our doors shut for politics and expecting to cherish it’s benefits would not take us any where. We also need to give some space in in our “Hearts and Minds” that after going through hurdles we gain something and in the context of GB politics this scenario becomes more tough. Still we have time to pave an effective, firm and mature way towards real politics. So let us unite first and take a step forward. Doesn’t matter if HUNZA is/has been ignored by not selecting any member in the caretaker government, take this issue as a catalyst in the process of the raising voices for the rights.
    Many may disagree with what i am saying, but it is my point of view based on a little political experience.

    1. Well said Mr. Amjad. It is seems a paradox for being political and at the same time not being violent. You have a point there, but I think non-violent voices can be even stronger but there is need of persistence and mutual trust. Time is ripe that we should bring politics home as you rightly said but that has to be our own politics not the one that we keep importing from outside with sheer slogans hence resulting in more rifts and misunderstanding. The young leaders have to make sure that they should fight the politics of realities not the politics of ideologies. Who ever is going to really work for you, go with them but without rifts inside. People should now think of deliverables as opposed to false promises.

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