On the loss of religious values

Muhammad Hasnain Balti

The omnipotent bestowed us with the most significant religion Islam. Islam is the complete code of conduct. Undoubtedly every individual should abide by the teachings of Islam. In its prolonged history we are the witness of identical role models who set an example for the rest. Among them the highest prestige is to our Holy Prophet (PBUH), who is the messenger of God. In addition to that the torch bearers of our religion who are well-known to all of us as religious scholars, they are the motivational and inspirational leaders at every instant.  They are a source of constant guiding stars for the rest. Having such an outstanding figures success should have been at stone’s throw but we lag behind as well as we progress at snail’s pace; this props up a query why so?

Though we have entire factors which we entail for development yet we have no fast track record. After all why are we not progressing and developing? Why do we have disintegration among us? Why don’t we have unity among us? In the meanwhile this is the true fact that the population of Muslims around the world is 1.6 billion which makes this religion the second largest population in the entire world. These mainstreams are the positive edge and tool for accomplishing glory. Unfortunately we are hyper busy in the materialistic world with superficial activities and dodge the rest, again the mind jolts with the blunt question why? Is there something that swells the gap between all of us? In creating all the chaos, who is the responsible one? At such a stage where are we wandering about?

Fortunately we have hundreds of thousands of scholars and intellectuals who are there to direct us on the right path; but the mishap is that we are far away from the religious values. We betray from the perfect corridor. We have been spellbound into the bushes somewhere in a jungle. Darkness of night has prevailed everywhere. Still we don’t open our eyes; are we really sleeping or awaking and pretending to be as asleep. It is rightly cited that you can awake a sleeping person but not an awakened one.

Moreover we feel like enunciating our views to others and keep ourselves refraining from the same. What we direct others certainly we ourselves don’t follow. How long will it take to get the real conscience to understand and serve for our nation?

It is high time we ourselves should stand firmly to tackle all the challenges and make everything practical then confining to superficial words; Because God never changes the state and condition of person until or unless they themselves strive for.

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