Not so glossy – Cracks appearing in the reconstructed Karakuram Highway already

Gilgit: The Karakuram Highway Expansion and Repair project by the China Roads and Bridges Corporation (CRBC) is coming to an end, and so is the locally long-held notion of Chinese construction supremacy.

The KKH, which has been “under-construction” for almost a decade, is showing cracks and the molten charcoal use is oozing from the ground, as exhibited in these photographs taken by Aejaz Karim.

KKH (3)
KKH in perils, yet again!
Cracks, with water seeping out
Cracks, with charcoal oozing out
The KKH is likely to become the hyped "Economic Corridor" between Pakistan and China
The KKH is likely to become the hyped “Economic Corridor” between Pakistan and China

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