Is IQ more important than EQ?

By: Muhammad Azam Qasmi

What does IQ stand for? We all know the answer but what it really means, is not well known to all us. IQ stands for intelligent Quotient. What it really means according to a French psychologist is the ability to learn or to understand or to deal with a new situation and the ability to apply the knowledge accordingly. It is of great importance in the field of Education.

And another word that is very much similar is, “EQ” most of the people never heard before. EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. According to Psychologist it is the ability or skill to manage and perceive one’s emotion. The concept came in 1990s by an American psychologist named Denial Goleman. According to him, emotional intelligence refers to how you handle your own feelings, how well you understand how someone else feels and get along with the people. IQ is a genetic ability and can be improved only till a certain age. But it has been proved that our ability to learn emotional intelligence increases with the age.

For most of people, even they have not recognized EQ, it has always been more important than IQ in achieving their goals and walks of life. As an individual our success and success in the profession depends upon our ability to recognize our feelings as they occur, to handle and to specify a goal for our feelings. It also includes the skill and capability to understand what other feel and to improve the interpersonal relationship even when they involve conflict and negotiations. Generally speaking, emotional intelligence improves an individual social life. Higher the level of emotional intelligence the better will be the social relations. If a person has high level of IQ he is analytical, logical and can focus on what he does he would be able to learn and do things better than others. However if something does not go the way he desired then he would lose his temper and lash out at others. On the other side if a person has high level of EQ, he will get along well with others and manage his emotion well, this makes him highly effective in his work. Basically your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them.

In conclusion, IQ defines how smart you are whereas EQ defines how well you use what smartness you have. I think after reading this article you would be able to answer a question. Is IQ more important than EQ.?

The contributor is a student of National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

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  1. both hv great impirtance in an individuals life however i think iq is preferable than eq because if someone hv no iq then how could he be able to manage eq?

  2. Good effort for readers of human intelligence and capacity to learn. There are two other dimensions of human faculties of learning i.e. PQ and SQ. PQ refers to physical quotient and SQ refers to spiritual quotient. According to modern research human learning should be taken as whole learning and not as part or fragmented learning. By whole learning means to learn and develop in a balanced manner in the all dimensions i.e. intellectually (IQ), emotionally (EQ), physically (PQ) and spiritually (SQ). For more details, one can read a book by Stephen R. Covey titled as “The 8th Habbit”. There is more to learn, unlearn and relearn than to continue with debates for one or the other quotient in our personality development. Anyways, good piece of writing for at least touching our conventional perspectives.

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