Thus spake the snowmen!

Hey! Mr. Snow look at yourself. You are melting.

LOL!! Darling don’t act like you don’t know what is happening to you.

Why the climate is getting warm day by day?

Well people have been using wood to stay warm, that’s one major cause which increases the temperature, I think! But for sure the humankind, which are not so “kind” by the way, must have lame justifications in this regard.

Why don’t they find any alternate of wood?

Well darling, it’s all about priorities, you know these humankind are out of the circle of humanity. They have become monetarists, opportunists, starving for luxuries and battling for worldly pleasures. Believe me these scavenger type can go to any extent to get all they want.

Oh!! Mr. Snow, it’s sickening, I am worried about other friends.

Darling! Everything is depleting fast and these so called human beings are not even worried about.

But one thing is for sure “Nature Always Take its Course”

– Dee Jay fotografi

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