Gilgit-Baltistan: Where are the fault-lines?

Muhammad Asif Hassan

I was stunned to see on a private channel that the acting governor was provided with almost sixty vehicles for security protocol. The first impression that came to my mind was, this is an alarming situation for us. And, in fact, it is a brutal economic question for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, who are suffering due to absence of basic necessities of life. Such a VVIP protocol in a small city like Gilgit. Are the elected leaders and civil servants acting like kings?

One must confess the fact that it is not entirely the mistake of Barjees Tahir, or the bureaucracy. It is a direct result of our laziness.

The federal government appointed a non-local governor to a region which members of the federal cabinet call a land without constitution, and what has been our reaction so far? Few hollow statements, some burning of tires and some flags!! Well keep on sleeping; indulge yourself in sectarian and regional conflicts…

Similar non-locals will continue to govern us, while the educated youth will pay bribes for jobs, or remain jobless, and a large number will continue to remain outside universities.

The condition of health sector is too well-known to elaborate here. And the same goes for all other fields of life, which are crippled due to lack of funds and resources, while the funds flow like the torrents gushing from the mountains when these so-called VVIPs have to be treated.

Will anyone have pity on this region and think about the poor of the poor who are suffering day in, day out? Probably not. At least untill we learn to raise our voices in an effective manner, and shun the practices of division that have brought us at the verge of destruction.

We have always been entertained with false promises. And more promises, that too, during the times of elections, when promises get wings and soar above the highest of peaks, we will easily be fooled yet again. We need to stop the habit of being fooled and then crying hoarse, when the cats have drunk the milk.

We need to rise above the curses of color, creed, race and sec, or region, and elect true representatives who have the vision and the ability to transform the vision into reality.

Our future is Gilgit-Baltistan. If I, you and we do not take responsibility for this region and take care of it, no one else will. Let’s be loyal to our region and let’s put our energies and resources for the benefit of the people. Let’s stop expecting miracles and messiahs coming from elsewhere to resolve our problems, because they never have and they never will.

We have a great history of us coming together and at the dint of our own power have freed this region from Dogras and we are potent enough to save this region from external mafias. Contribute your services for development of Gilgit Baltistan. Being a student be best at studies, being a government employee be loyal to your work. InshaAllah no obstacle can restrain us from leaps and bounds progress.

The contributor is a student of National University – FAST. He belongs to Skardu. 

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  1. agreed . its all about being your self and straightforward.the most stingy that i personally come across with when i go out to any institution is regionalism, and cast.. tbh do hell with such stereotyped minds they are no more GB who do such kinds of things , its our due responsibility to manure these types of people, as soon as we got rid of such minds , i hope we can observe that Gilgit,baltsitan is grooming..
    We have talent, we have young mind but unfortunately its this Brain drain thing everywhere.. 🙁

  2. GB as a separate state is far better than “an occupied territory run by Pakistan ( precisely PUNJABISTAN, land with elite punjabi dominance ) with some self-interest local puppets.” Demand separate state, we may get proper provincial rights hopefully. Good thoughts though.

  3. Agreed Asif Hassan! We need to fix up all internal conflicts like sectarian, geographical and rest, and need to raise together. Together for Gilgit-Baltistan!

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