Gang Rape in Skardu!!

Sharif Wali Kharmangi

Recently a first year college student was kidnapped in a car by two guys and taken to a nearby place, where she was brutally gang rapped by the two, just two days before the world celebrated the International Women’s Day. The next day, the affected girl came to the city police station and registered a case.

Police acted fast and captured the two suspects and filed cases against them under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Physical remand for the two alleged rapists was taken from a local court and currently the suspects are being interrogated.

The issue has been raised through the social media and a large number of the members of the region’s civil society and diaspora are urging the authorities to leave no stone unturned and punish the culprits for their heinous deed. There is a fear that if the criminals are spared this time, like in the past, then the culture of violence and rape can find roots in the society and the situation may soon spiral out of control.

When I talked to different people via the social media, so many opinions were there. Some say there might be involvement of the girl, without which it will never be possible. Some say that since the police has taken the suspects into custody it’s enough. The truth will come out and justice will be served. Many educated people are of the opinion that the issue shouldn’t be highlighted more because of its ‘sensitivity’.

In my opinion, based on information received from free sources and media reports, the brave student herself came to the police station and registered a case against the nominated culprits, so it is quite easy to handle the case. The incident also provides the society with an opportunity to speak against the crime and pave ways for putting a stop to the menace once and for all.

Skardu is a city where almost all social norms, practices and laws are set by religious authorities – from birth to death, marriages, family issues, property and business issues, even criminal and political issues are decided more by the informal Sharia-courts than formal courts. Also people feel themselves more comfortable in dealing their issues under a religious jurist. So, there’s a positivity in the system’s outlooks. And, no doubt, our religion and moral comfort concerns and satisfies not only today but from the beginning of Islamic history of the region. But for such immoralities and heinous crimes, we have not seen any harsh punishments in the past. Generally, the cases are decided by slapping fines on the perpetrators and then an agreement of peace/understanding is made, bringing the issue to an end. All of this is done by the religious jurists and socially influential people, for the sake of so called brotherhood and peace in almost every criminal cases, as far as I have seen. T

his is one of the reasons, one can think of, why after having so much high religious impacts on the people, the immoralities are growing day by day. One of my friend told me about a similar incident previous year. When they asked the Superintendent of Police to take action and give punishment by law to the proven suspects, the SP told him that they have to follow the Sharia and do Sulah. He told the SP, the Sulah is to be done among the people and law is to be followed for the crime committed. However, the powers that be preferred to do it their own way. It is therefore highly likely that if such so called “Sulahs” keep happening, then no crook would be punished in future and the crime rate will increase as from the recent cases we can see so clearly.

Mr Nisar Abbas GEO News, Dr Zaman of PTI, Manzoor Parwana Nationalist Leader, Shaikh Hasan Jafary Sahab Religious Leader, columnists, writers, journalists and all civil society workers and student activists are of the view that “any person who have sister and daughter, who have respect for his mother and sister, will never favor this kind of brutal deeds in any society.” And very truly so, because such actions are committed by those who has no respect and value to their mother, sister, daughter and wives. They are not taught and practiced humanity from their sires and family, that’s why they feel no shame committing such inhuman acts.  I think, all of us, students, religious scholars, journalists, teachers, social workers, and security institutions will be responsible for such future brutalities, if we don’t come to ponder over the reasons and find precautionary measures to put an end to this menace in the days and weeks ahead.

The contributor can be reached at www.fb.com/msharifwali.

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  1. Bro don’t worry now days it become daily routine .. I thinks you remember about two year ago a gang rape case is reported in media by some elite class people .. if on that time we come to street and give them some sort of good treatment as the #HINDUS Kafir did in india than no one thinks hundred time before doing such things,,, Bro but unfortunately we are muslim . I have no word to express my feelings ..they should hang in public #Feeling_Shameful_ Being_Baltistani….. i

  2. The criminals should be hanged in the yadgar chowk skardu so it will be a lesson for others in future.

  3. What do think brother, is it happens first time? As you reveal above that most of cases have justifies through religious laws and rules and in our society they feel fear for being a shame in society in the name of respect. They quit the case with a unreasonable word “Sulah”. If the situation remains same as happened in the past then i think there will be no chance to remove such brutal cases from our society.

  4. Gilgit – Baltistan was considered the heaven on earth but due to many interventions and causes this heaven has been deteriorated and no body is there to forbid it. First of all we need to be conscious about our surroundings and people who are becoming the cause of defaming our GB and good image and respect of GBIANS where they had respect for ladies and elders as well.
    Though, such types of cases should not be too much highlighted as the world perception would be changed about GB. Such cases should be dealt strictly at local level with the help of law enforcing agencies as well as social pressure. The relatives should hand over criminals to police for diminishing. It is not happening as society has become stagnant due to some law bleachers as well as so called leaders who encourage the violators.

    Just now I was reading in news paper that the public in Skardu has come on the road against the police or excise department as they are striving to streamline the system. They would hold illegal vehicles or guide the owners to legalize the system that people do not like it because the interest of many well off people collided and they are protesting that they should be left free handed.
    In such type of society where no respect of rule of law would make progress I would say never though materially they would be prosperous but value wise they would be towards declination like wise appointments on sale bases also indicates towards a big crime where you are using power of might is right the deserving and poor would naturally start to hate with the leaders and systems and he would also considered the breaking law a bold step.

    We all needed to work on it why we are not counseling the younger’s at schools or religious centre level that how female should go outside from homes and by whom they should go with.
    If the vehicle has been used in this case would definitely not bear license as well as legal documents. Likewise the said vehicle would be probably used in other illegal activities or this team would have already favoured of influential ones. These are ground realities where we should have courage to negate ill doers.

    Just an example We had got self governance package and through this package many individuals were benefited as MNAs or Ministers or other personnel as well. Their salary or their other benefits that were lawful and allowed for them is all right if they have earned more then that is illegal and unjustified. Suppose in Baltistan or in Gilgit X was minister under self governance package. When he was appointed he had submitted his financial goshwara or statement. According to that statement he or she was owner of one million and now he or she is owner of ten millions means that he or she has earned this amount illegally and it should come in front of public that how far this leader has been honest or how far he was transparent in his job.
    General public can highlight through writing or raise voice why he exploited the wealth or fund of GB.
    If a person knows about it and he keeps silent means he is also involved in corruption. If this is mandate of specific institutions like Election commission or NAEB or any other should release the report of transparency of GBLAs or Officers as well. Today we are not remaining those GBIANS by whom our Col. Mirza Hussan khan and his team has snatched the freedom through mutual coordination and integration and Hov. Lalik jan shaheed had sacrifice his life for its honour and dignity.

    All we need to raise voice against corruption and corrupt elements wherever these are and who are becoming the cause of deteriorating and defaming GB.

  5. I want to add few more points here in most of rape cases 70% culprits belong to the victim’s family. Awareness to such issues should be openly discussed and under Section 302 of PPC death penality should be impose to such heinous crime.

  6. Only solution is that culprits should be Hang them !!
    Because in future these activities inshallah may be controle….

    Raelly so sad news for GB.

  7. We need to find the deep rooted causes that lead our young generations to such shameful and inhumanely things.Today, our media is one of them which brings such concepts in our society.The first steps that gives directions for a person to do sins is his/her viewing objectionable things on media.All such immoral contents must be removed from our society, which is the responsibility of all of us. Secondly the culprits of these incidents must be punished in public places so that no one could dare of doing such sins again.Otherwise such things will continue to happen in our society and we will be protesting for few day in future as well.The Govt. can play a mega role in controlling these evils.

  8. nice and detail analysis Sharif Wali Kharmangi……..its cover both the aspects logically and physically…….the sulah concept is the main reason behind the unlawfulness in skardu……the victim should be accept by the society and the suspects should
    be hanged or killed by rajam (throwing stone) at hussani chowk skardu…..

  9. very good article bro Sharif.. it is demand of the public that these rapists should hanged in front of the public so next time no any other person or group can do like this shameful act. Skardu is a city of religious personnel’s so the persons should also focus on this critical and important issue coz next time no such evidence come.

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