The vicious circle of poverty, corruption and terrorism

Maryam Ali 

Poverty seems to be the fate of the poor, but it is also arguably the root of all the evils that leads to terrorism. Pakistan is an Islamic state where every second person is the leader of other. Hence, the mess! At the time of election, promises are made by the politicians and we cast our votes to have better Pakistan but then …. who knows…….what happens later….?

Our leaders actually are amusing our masses, acting like buffoons, and our nation is still in deep sleep. No food and shelter for the people of Tharparkar, one of the most underdeveloped and poverty hit parts of Sindh. Despite of knowing the situation, the Sindh government is blaming media for creating such “hype”. Why this snubbing attitude of Sind Government…….Why…..?

Our freedom is in hands of those who actually know how to utilize our skills. They know how to spin the ball and when to short.  Widely opened cricket ground where the same format is followed by our hypocrite’s leaders……catch….drop and hit. We have lost ourselves in an undefined crowd, where the culprits are never easily caught. We are trapped in the vicious circle where our Ghareeb awam, poor public, suffer every now and then.

Terrorism is high on the chart …..Karachi, the city once famous for its enlightening changes, has turned into killing fields for people of all hues and colors. Peshawar massacre is another non-fading scar. Let’s not forget the horrific day of 16th December 2014.

Everyone knows where the act of terror starts. But, the nefarious attitude of the people and institutions that matters never stops and change never comes. The surreptitious act of our leaders always takes our country 30 years back.

Banning websites, like YouTube, is an act of terror to keep the masses away, but why we are not in struggle to ban them. They believe that banned websites is Halal for them and Haram for their Awam. Blasphemy….what they called Blasphemy…… is something they apparently know nothing about. Nah, it’s not in the name blasphemy. It’s for other reasons.

Despite of this all, we are the supporters, and yet we cannot vanquish the great beast from our country.  What we need is are Laptops, ……..Azadi Dharna….Music no.s…………..and so called interest free loan which makes us trapped to stand by and salute our leaders. A very childish and greedy act of our people.

So, who is to blame here?

All of us! We are equally involved. As the death toll rises day by day, we are watching the blood of young ones, women and men’s what we are doing on our behalf, just murmuring and doing nothing.

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  1. In this vicious circle a term ISIS should also be included because it is upcoming threat to our country.

  2. There exist no strong correlation between Terrorism and poverty. After, the rise of ISIS in the middle East has completely questioned the previous believed nexus among the aforementioned variables. Maryam, i think Terrorism has more to do with ideology as compare to other social problem like poverty and employment etc. Recently Daish(ISIS) in middle East has attracted Youth from well off family of western Muslims.
    In Pakistan and Afghanistan too, rich Arabs and youth from central Asia have actively participated in terrorist activities.
    So my point is not completely denial of your hypothesis, rather, what i mean to say is Terrorism depends on wide array of variable, poverty could be one of them but not sole explanatory variable for terrorism.

  3. I believe Poverty a strong cause behind all this ongoing situation and Irfan Madrassa’s in Pakistan plays a pivotal role init. The European and non European both are equally involved to support them Like the Lal Masjid one of the most threatening institute to the Federal capital and mostly a low income families children studying and get training there so, here poverty be a major cause..

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