Illegal Recruitments: Suspended Director of Education dept. punished with “Compulsory Retirement”

With reporting by Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, March 20: Shah Murad, the suspended Director of Education, will be compelled to retire from his services as punishment for his role in illegal appointments in the Skardu and Ghangche District of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to sources, the Chief Minister has approved a summary forwarded by the Chief Secretary under the E&D rules, ordering compulsory retirement of the suspended director.

It is pertinent to note that a large number of people, mainly teachers, had illegally been hired in different parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan region during the PPP-led coalition government that finished its tenure in December 2014.

An investigation had been launched against Shah Murad and other bureaucrats for their alleged roles in the illegal appointments. The investigation has reportedly found Shah Murad guilty of illegal appointments.

It is believed that an entire mafia, including politicians, bureaucrats and some on-contract employees of the Education Department were involved in the massive corruption scandal. Kachoo Fayaz, a clerk of the education department had been named by the media as a central figure of the racket that sold jobs to unemployed youth for as much as 300,000 rupees, besides employing overage and unqualified people on key positions.

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  1. Indeed a good news for the students community of the area. Hopefully, the CM will take notice of the corruption in the Attabad disaster funds .

  2. After distriorating quality of education in Sindh, PPP government have started the same education distroying policies in GB. The notorious Kachoo Fayaz and alike are bent of distroying educational standards in GB. It is high time for Chief Secratry & CM GB to take punitive action agiants all actors of the aforementined mafia to protect the future of our new generation. As Malala says ” a book, a teacher and a pen can change the world” similarly ” an incompentent teacher and a corrupt Education dept official can distroy the future of our new generation”. Therefore, as a concern citizen of GB, it is hereby requested concerned officials to dismiss all those teachers who have been appointed by Shah Murad & Curruption mafia.

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