PM has approved Muzaffarabad-Astore Road, GB-Chitral Express Highway and Babusar Tunnel: Dr. Anjum

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Islamabad, April 7: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved three mega infrastructure projects for the Gilgit-Baltistan region. These included the Muzaffarabad-Shounter-Astore Road, GB-Chitral Express Highway and construction of the all-weather Babusar Tunnel.

Imagining GB as an international trade hub
Imagining GB as an international trade hub

These views were expressed by Dr. Sher Bahadur Anjum, hailing from Astore Valley, who has been advising the PM for development projects in the Gilgit-Baltsitan region. He told Pamir Times that he will be meeting the PM tomorrow to further discuss these and other projects.

Dr. Anjum said that he and Dr. Inayat Baz have worked hard to present facts and proposals for development and infrastructure projects to the office of the Prime Minister. He informed that the recently signed Misaq-e-Jamhuriat has also been shared with the Prime Minister to apprise him of the aspirations of the people of the region with regards to constitutional rights and other issues.

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  1. PM Nawaz Sharif is truly sincere in northern areas development and we hope that as he took bold steps and initiatives in punjab like building motorways and metros plus express ways one day inshallah will come when these kind of road web will be installed and settled in these areas and we people may smoothly travel by these roads and through new channels and could explore our country’s beauty so more tourism will be encouraged and more jobs for local people will be raised. Good luck sir jee

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