Who will I vote for?

As the election gets nearer the political tenants usually start their political reconciliations and maneuverings with loud enthusiasm.  At the same pace the minds of the public also diverts towards their basic needs. Everyone prefers his individual benefits over collective gains. This shows that despite of being educated still we lack the true means of being democratic society.

Looking at the political scenario in Hunza, one is tempted to judge the performance of the political representatives. At the outset, let me say that our representatives and leaders are like the lazy and noisy birds that come out of their nests only to gather food.

Issues are abundant in our society and the government machinery is limited to tackle the issues.  One has very limited access to the basic facilities. Performance of the governments is abysmal. The poor are getting poorer and the rich, richer. People are dying due to absence of health facilities. The quality of education in state-run institutions is deteriorating.

Under these circumstances an individual gets confused that who should s/he vote for.

I myself thought over it and came up with the idea that we will have to think and act for collective outcomes rather than sticking to individual goals. On my part, I have decided to vote for those who could have a realistic and solution-oriented approach towards the following issues:

  • Justice is still being denied for the two IDPs murdered by police in Aliabad in the year 2011. An independent judicial inquiry needs to be done into the murder case of father and son. The report should be made public and the killers should be punished. A party promising to do this, with an outline of efforts and strategies, will get my vote.
  • Power crisis in Hunza, specially Central regions and Gojal, is at peak. The issue needs to be addressed and at international level and get solved. A party/candidate offering a viable solution for this shall be preferred
  • After the Attabad disaster people got homeless. Government and NGOs tried their best level to capacitate them but still many of the announcements made by Government and other NGOs are pending. These issues need to be resolved as a priority.
  • Pakistan has signed a mega trade agreement with our neighboring country China, under which the Pak-China Economic Corridor is being established. Hunza plays a key role in this project. Protecting the rights of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan is vital. Our political representatives will have to play their due role in accumulation of economic benefits from this project.
  • Hunza being a populous region and vast area regarding its geographical measurement needs another additional seat in the GB assembly. We and our political representatives need to work out on that and have our demand met accordingly.
  • Establishing engineering and medical colleges is the dire need in Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan. Vulnerable families couldn’t afford their children to study down country. The demand for a medical and engineering college will be a milestone in the educational field of Hunza.
  • The unemployment disaster has already hit the youth of Hunza. It is the dire need of the youths to provide them with programs related to employment opportunities. How will these educated, skilled, youth be employed?
  • The unjustifiable FIRs and other fake cases that have been registered in the name of the youths should be withdrawn. The youth from Hunza who have been jailed on fake undertakings should be released on immediate basis. The leader will have to ensure that this is done.
  • Land compensation of the KKH affectees are under process for the last 5 years. The process needs to be speed up and release the payments to the affected people according to the standard rate set by Government of Pakistan.

I am going to vote for those who are with the intention to give his time for the people and come up with the results of the pending issues.

Who are you going to vote for?

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  1. Well Mr. Tariq you expressed the whole issues of Hunza specially the the two IDPs murdered by police in Aliabad…………

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